Front cover image for Between two worlds : the frontier region between ancient Nubia and Egypt, 3700 BC -500 AD

Between two worlds : the frontier region between ancient Nubia and Egypt, 3700 BC -500 AD

This book offers a comprehensive reassessment of the evidence concerning the political, social, economic, religious and cultural connections between Ancient Nubia and Egypt from the special viewpoint of Lower Nubia, the frontier region between the First and Second Nile Cataracts.
Print Book, English, 2009
Brill, Boston, 2009
xix, 651 s. : illustrations
9789004171978, 9004171975
Chapter One - Introduction: A Nubian Worshipper of Isis fromthe Second Century BCChapter Two - Frontiers Chapter Three - The Beginnings: A-Group Lower Nubia andthe Emerging Egyptian State (c. 3700–2800BC)Chapter Four - Old Kingdom Domination and the Rebirth of theNative Polities (c. 2800–2160BC) Chapter Five - Lower Nubia and First Intermediate Period Egypt(c. 2160–2055BC)Chapter Six - Lower Nubia between Kerma and MiddleKingdom Egypt (c. 2055–1650BC) Chapter Seven - Kerma Domination in Lower Nubia in theSecond Intermediate Period (c. 1650–1550BC)Chapter Eight - Locating the Cultures of Lower Nubia in theLate Neolithic, Early and Middle Bronze Age: SomePreliminary Conclusions Chapter Nine - New Kingdom Egypt in Nubia (c. 1550–1069BC) Chapter Ten - Religion and Society in New Kingdom Nubia Chapter Eleven - Nubians and Egyptians in New KingdomNubia: The Degrees of Egyptianization . Chapter Twelve - A Long, Silent Interlude? Lower Nubia in theThird Intermediate Period (c. 1069–795BC) Chapter Thirteen - Lower Nubia under the Twenty-FifthDynasty and the Napatan Kings (c. 795–332BC) Chapter Fourteen - The Neighbour of Ptolemaic Egypt(c. 332–30BC) Chapter Fifteen - Uniting Two Worlds: Lower Nubia in the Timeof the Meroitic Viceroys (c. 30BC to the Middle of the ADFourth Century) Chapter Sixteen - Post-Meroitic Lower Nubia before the Adventof ChristianityChapter Seventeen - Epilogue. Three Ages of Lower NubianAutonomy: The A-Group and C-Group Chiefdoms and theKingdom of Noubadia