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Aspects of English Protestantism, c. 1530-1700

"The volume brings together twelve essays by Nicholas Tyacke about English Protestantism, which range from the Reformation itself, and the new market-place of ideas opened up, to the establishment of freedom of worship for Protestant nonconformists in 1689. Tyacke is best known for his interpretation of the religious origins of the English Civil war, as a struggle between Calvinists and Arminians, and three essays on this much-debated topic are included here. A further three essays are devoted to the history of Puritanism, where Tyacke identifies a radical tradition, running from the reign of Elizabeth I to that of Charles I, while voicing scepticism about alleged links with the rise of capitalism
Print Book, English, 2001
Manchester University Press ; Distributed by Palgrave, Manchester, UK, New York, 2001
Church history
xiii, 354 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
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Re-thinking the "English reformation"
The 'rise of Puritanism' and the legalising of dissent, 1571-1719
Popular Puritan mentality in late Elizabethan England
The fortunes of English Puritanism, 1603-40
Puritanism, Arminianism and counter-revolution ; Appendix: defining Arminianism
The rise of Arminianism reconsidered
Anglican attitudes : some recent writings on English religious history, from the reformation to the Civil War
Archbishop Laud
Arminianism and English culture
Science and religion at Oxford before the Civil war
Religious controversy during the seventeenth century : the case of Oxford
Arminianism and the theology of the Restoration church