Front cover image for Racing for the bomb : General Leslie R. Groves, the Manhattan Project's indispensable man

Racing for the bomb : General Leslie R. Groves, the Manhattan Project's indispensable man

Follows the World War II race to build the atomic bomb while profiling its top commander, documenting how Colonel Groves organized the collection of the necessary funds and materials while orchestrating solutions to thousands of technical problems
Print Book, English, ©2002
Steerforth Press, South Royalton, Vt., ©2002
xxi, 722 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9781586420390, 9781586420673, 1586420399, 1586420674
Introduction: At the top of his game. Early life and education, 1896-1918. Family heritage : the Groveses in America
Growing up in the Army (1897-1913)
Dick defines his future (Summer 1913-June 1916)
West Point (June 1916-November 1918)
Engineer in the peacetime Army, 1919-1930. Caught behind the "Hump" (December 1918-June 1921)
Married with children (July 1921-July 1931)
Getting on the fast track, 1931-1942. Learning the ropes (July 1931-June 1935)
Finishing schools (June 1935-July 1939)
Final rehearsal (July 1939-Summer 1942)
Fateful decisions
Manhattan Project, 1942-1945. His own construction : atomic factories and American industry, Oak Ridge and Hanford
His own science : Oppenheimer, Los Alamos, and the scientists
His own intelligence : domestic concerns
His own intelligence : foreign concerns
His own Air Force
His own State and Treasury Departments
Groves family during the war
Racing to the finish, 1945. Supplying atomic fuels : enough and in time
Groves and the use of the bomb I : the target and interim committees
Groves and the use of the bomb II : Trinity, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki
War hero for a day (Mid-August-December 1945)
Final battles, 1946-1948. Caught in the middle : fights over domestic policy (1946)
"Best, the biggest and the most" : fights over international control
Chief of special weapons (1947-1948)
Slowing down, 1948-1970. Retirement and a new vareer (1948-1961)
Last years (1962-1970)