Front cover image for Papers of the Baker and Wheeler families, 1763-1954

Papers of the Baker and Wheeler families, 1763-1954

Lyman Abbott (Correspondent), George D. Aiken (Correspondent), Roald Amundsen (Correspondent), Georgie Auld (Correspondent), Warren Robert Austin (Correspondent), Charles Whiting Baker (Correspondent), Newton Diehl Baker (Correspondent), Rebekah Wheeler Baker (Correspondent), W. Brockman Bankhead (Correspondent), Nicholas Murray Butler (Correspondent), Richard Evelyn Byrd (Correspondent), Adolphe de Pineton Chambrun (Correspondent), Winston Churchill (Correspondent), M. de Chantal Cummings (Correspondent), Calvin Coolidge (Correspondent), George Dewey (Correspondent), John Dewey (Correspondent), Pierre Eugène Du Simitière, Stephen Early (Correspondent), Dorothy Canfield Fisher (Correspondent), Morton Moore Foss (Correspondent), John Ripley Freeman (Correspondent), George W. Goethals (Correspondent), W. Averell Harriman (Correspondent), Herbert Hoover (Correspondent), John Hopkins (Correspondent), Helen Keller (Correspondent), V. K. Wellington Koo (Correspondent), Henry Cabot Lodge (Correspondent), Alfred Emanuel Smith (Correspondent), William H. Taft (Correspondent), Booker T. Washington (Correspondent), H. G. Wells (Correspondent)
Papers of the related families, of New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Vermont; and genealogical and other papers relating to the Edwards, Hockley, Hopkins, Pomeroy, Warner, and Whiting families
Archival Material, English, 1763