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America's musical life : a history

"A superb, all-encompassing survey of music in America." —Kirkus Reviews
Print Book, English, 2005
W.W. Norton, New York, 2005
Criticism, interpretation, etc
xvi, 976 s. : illustrations, portraits, facsimiles, music ; 24 cm
9780393327267, 0393327264
pt. 1. The first three centuries. The first song : Native American music
European inroads : early Christian music making
From ritual to art : the flowering of sacred music
"Old, simple Ditties" : Colonial song, dance, and home music making
Performing "By particular desire" : Colonial military, concert, and theater music
Maintaining oral traditions : African music in early America
Correcting "the harshness of our singing" : New England psalmody reformed
pt. 2. The nineteenth century. Edification and economics : the career of Lowell Mason
Singing praises : Southern and frontier devotional music
"Be it ever so humble" : theater and opera, 1800-1860
Blacks, whites, and the minstrel stage
Home music making and the publishing industry
From ramparts to romance : parlor songs, 1800-1865
Of Yankee Doodle and ophicleides : bands and orchestras, 1800 to the 1870s
From church to concert hall : the rise of classical music
From log house to opera house : Anthony Philips Heinrich and William Henry Fry
A New Orleans original : Gottschalk of Louisiana
Two classic Bostonians : George W. Chadwick and Amy Beach
Edward MacDowell and musical nationalism
"Travel in the winds" : Native American music from 1820
"Make a noise!" : slave songs and other black music to the 1880s
Songs of the later nineteenth century
Stars, stripes and cylinders : Sousa, the band, and the phonograph
"After the ball" : the rise of the Tin Pan Alley
pt. 3. The twentieth century. "To stretch our ears" : the music of Charles Ives
"Come on and hear" : the early twentieth century
The jazz age dawns : blues, jazz and a rhapsody
"The birthright of all of us" : classical music, the mass media, and the Depression
"All that is native and fine" : American folk song and its collectors
From New Orleans to Chicago : jazz goes national
"Crescendo in blue" : Ellington, Basie and the swing band
The golden age of the American musical