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The works of John Locke

John Locke
Print Book, English, 1823
A new ed., corrected View all formats and editions
Printed for Thomas Tegg, London, 1823
Early works
10 volumes folded table
v. 1. Preface by the editor. Life of the author. Of human understanding. Book I-book II, chap. 22
v. 2. Of human understanding. Book II-book IV, chap. 4
v. 3. Of human understanding (concluded). A defence of Mr. Locke's opinion concerning personal identity. Of the conduct of the understanding. Some thoughts concerning reading and study for a gentleman. Elements of natural philosophy. A new method of a common-place-book
v. 4. A letter to the Right Rev. Edward lord bishop of Worcester, concerning some passages relating to Mr. Locke's Essay of human understanding ... Mr. Locke's reply ... An answer to Remarks upon the Essay concerning human understanding. Mr. Locke's reply ..
v. 5. Some considerations of the consequences of lowering the interest, and raising the value of money. In a letter to a member of Parliament, in the year 1691. Short observations on a printed paper entitled, 'For encouraging the coining silver money in England' ... Further considerations concerning raising the value of money. Two treatises of government. (Cont'd.) v. 6. A letter concerning toleration. Second-fourth letter for toleration
v. 7. The reasonableness of Christianity ... A vindication of the Reasonableness of Christianity, from Mr. Edward's reflections. A second vindication ..
v. 8. Paraphrase and notes on the Epistles of St. Paul to the Galatians, I and II Corinthians, Romans, and Ephesians, to which is prefixed An essay for the understanding of St. Paul's Epistles, by consulting St. Paul himself
v. 9. Some thoughts concerning education. An examiniation of P. Malebranche's opinion of seeing all things in God. A discourse of miracles. Memoirs relating to the life of Anthony, first earl of Shaftesbury. Some familiar letters between Mr. Locke and several of his friends
v. 10. Continuation of familiar letters. [Miscellaneous letters and pieces]