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Oral development and histology

This is a student-oriented textbook with side-by-side text and illustrations that provide easy correlation of visual and written information. It features over 800 atlas-style illustrations, including diagrams and light and electron micrographs and a glossary of terminology.
Print Book, English, 2002
Thieme New York ; Georg Thieme Verlag, New York, Stuttgart, 2002
IX-435 p. : illustrations en noir et en coul. ; 29 cm
9783131001931, 9781588900289, 3131001933, 1588900282
Section I Development and Maturation of the Craniofacial Region1 General Human Development2 Development of the Pharyngeal Arches and Face3 Development of Cartilage and Bones of the Craniofacial Skeleton4 Postnatal Facial Growth, Birth through PostadolescenceSection II Development of the Teeth and Supporting Structures5 Development of Teeth: Crown Formation6 Development of the Teeth: Root and Supporting Structures7 Tooth Eruption and Shedding8 Agents Affecting Tooth and Bone DevelopmentSection III Structure and Function of the Teeth9 Histology of Enamel10 Histology of Dentin11 Histology of the Pulp12 Comparison of Primary and Permanent TeethSection IV Structure and Function of Supporting Tissues of the Teeth13 Histology of the Periodontium: Alveolar Bone, Cementum, and Periodontal Ligament14 Histology of the Oral Mucosa and Tonsils15 Histology of the Gingiva and Epithelial Attachment16 Innervation of Oral TissuesSection V Structure of the Glands of the Oral Cavity and Their Products17 Development, Structure, and Function of the Salivary Glands18 Histology of Saliva, Pellicle, Plaque, and CalculusSection VI Related Functional Tissues of the Oral and Paraoral Areas19 Histology of the Nasal Mucosa and Paranasal Sinuses20 Structure and Function of the Temporomandibular Joint21 Histologic Changes during Tooth Movement22 Histology of Endosseous Implants23 Wound Healing