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Who belongs in America? Presidents, rhetoric, and immigration

Through their rhetoric, presidents help to create the frame for the American public's understanding of immigration. This book, providing case studies, explores select moments in US immigration history, focusing on the presidential discourse that preceded, addressed, or otherwise corresponded to various events.
Print Book, English, cop. 2006
Texas A & M University Press, College Station, cop. 2006
Case studies
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9781585445059, 1585445053
Introduction: Presidential rhetoric and immigration: balancing tensions between hope and fear / Vanessa B. Beasley
President of all the people / Michael Novak
The aliens are coming: John Adams and the federalist attack on the First Amendment / Craig R. Smith
Presidents and religious diversity in the nineteenth century / Charles J. Stewart
Chinese exclusion: causes and consequences, 1882-1943 / Roger Daniels
Hooking the Hyphen: Woodrow Wilson's war rhetoric and the Italian American community / Mary Anne Trasciatti
Immigration and the Red Scare / Robert H. Ferrell
Can the alien speak? The McCarran-Walter Act and the First Amendment / James A. Aune
Questions of race, caste, and citizenship: Héctor P. García, Lyndon B. Johnson, and the polemics of the Bracero Immigrant Labor Program / Michelle Hall Kells
Rhetorical ambivalence: Bush and Clinton address the crisis of Haitian refugees / Denise M. Bostdorff
The class politics of cultural pluralism: presidential campaigns and the Latino vote / Anne T. Demo
Afterword : A new hope or a recurring fear? / Vanessa B. Beasley