Front cover image for Advances in computation and intelligence : 4th International Symposium on Intelligence Computation and Applications, ISICA 2009, Huangshi, China, October 23-25, 2009 : proceedings

Advances in computation and intelligence : 4th International Symposium on Intelligence Computation and Applications, ISICA 2009, Huangshi, China, October 23-25, 2009 : proceedings

Annotation---Volumes CCIS 51 and LNCS 5812 constitute the proceedings of the Fourth Interational Symposium on Intelligence Computation and Applications, ISICA 2009, held in Huangshi, China, during October 23-25. ISICA 2009 attracted over 300 submissions. Through rigorous reviews, 58 papers were included in LNCS 5821,and 54 papers were collected in CCIS 51. ISICA conferences are one of the first series of international conferences on computational intelligence that combine elements of learning, adaptation, evolution and fuzzy logic to create programs as alternative solutions to artificial intelligence
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Section I: Analysis of Genetic Algorithms
A Novel Online Test-Sheet Composition Approach Using Genetic Algorithm
A Route System Based on Genetic Algorithm for Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Architecture
Building Trade System by Genetic Algorithm
Implementation of Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based on CUDA
Moitf GibbsGA: Sampling Transcription Factor Binding Sites Coupled with PSFM Optimization by GA
Network Model and Optimization of Medical Waste Reverse Logistics by Improved Genetic Algorithm
SGEGC: A Selfish Gene Theory Based Optimization Method by Exchanging Genetic Components
Section II: Computational Intelligence in Engineer Design
A Novel RM-Based Algorithm for Reversible Circuits
A Novel Transformation-Based Algorithm for Reversible Logic Synthesis
Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for the Machine-Part Cell Formation
Global Exponential Stability of Delayed Neural Networks with Non-lipschitz Neuron Activations and Impulses
Modeling and Verification of Zhang Neural Networks for Online Solution of Time-Varying Quadratic Minimization and Programming
New Product Design Based Target Cost Control with BP Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
A Case Study in Chinese Automobile Industry
Hard Real Time Task Oriented Power Saving Scheduling Algorithm Based on DVS
Section III: Optimization and Learning
A Globally Convergent Smoothing Method for Symmetric Conic Linear Programming
A New Optimizaiton Algorithm for Function Optimization
A Point Symmetry-Based Automatic Clustering Approach Using Differential Evolution
Balanced Learning for Ensembles with Small Neural Networks
Estimating Geostatistics Variogram Parameters Based on Hybrid Orthogonal Differential Evolution Algorithm
Memetic Strategies for Global Trajectory Optimisation
Effects of Similarity-Based Selection on WBMOIA: A Weight-Based Multiobjective Immune Algorithm
Section IV: Representations and Operators
A Novel Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Multi-parent Crossover and Space Transformation Search
An Evolutionary Algorithm and Kalman Filter Hybrid Approach for Integrated Navigation
Clonal and Cauchy-mutation Evolutionary Algorithm for Global Numerical Optimization
Construction of Hoare Triples under Generalized Model with Semantically Valid Genetic Operations
Evaluation of Cobalt-Rich Crust Resources Based on Fractal Characteristics of Seamount Terrain
Hybridizing Evolutionary Negative Selection Algorithm and Local Search for Large-Scale Satisfiability Problems
Novel Associative Memory Retrieving Strategies for Evolutionary Algorithms in Dynamic Environments
Section V: Robust Classification
An Algorithm of Mining Class Association Rules
An Empirical Study on Several Classification Algorithms and Their Improvements
Classification of Imbalanced Data Sets by Using the Hybrid Re-sampling Algorithm Based on Isomap
Detecting Network Anomalies Using CUSUM and EM Clustering
Multiobjective Optimization in Mineral Resources Exploitation: Models and Case Studies
Robust and Efficient Eye Location and Its State Detection
Section VI: Statistical Learning
A Neural Network Architecture for Perceptual Grouping, Attention Modulation and Boundary-Surface Interaction
Adaptive Neighborhood Select Based on Local Linearity for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
Anti-spam Filters Based on Support Vector Machines
Multi-attribute Weight Allocation Based on Fuzzy Clustering Analysis and Rough Sets
Spatio-temporal Model Based on Back Propagation Neural Network for Regional Data in GIS
Subject Integration and Applications of Neural Networks
The Convergence Control to the ACO Metaheuristic Using Annotated Paraconsistent Logic
The Research of Artificial Neural Network on Negative Correlation Learning
Section VII: Swarm Intelligence
A Discrete PSO for Multi-objective Optimization in VLSI Floorplanning
Applying Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization to the Template Matching Problem
Cellular PSO: A PSO for Dynamic Environments
Constrained Layout Optimization Based on Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimizer
Multi-swarm Particle Swarm Optimizer with Cauchy Mutation for Dynamic Optimization Problems
Optimization of the Damping of the Rectangular 3-D Braided Composite Based on PSO Algorithm
Parallel Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization and Applications in Geotechnical Engineering
Storage-Based Intrusion Detection Using Artificial Immune Technique
Section VIII: System Design
A New Method for Optimal Configuration of Weapon System
A Secure Routing Algorithm for MANET
Detection and Defense of Identity Attacks in P2P Network
License Plate Multi-DSP and Multi-FPGA Design and Realization in Highway Toll System
QoS Routing Algorithm for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Realization of Fingerprint Identification on DSP
Localization Algorithm of Beacon-Free Node in WSN Based on Probability
The Method of Knowledge Processing in Intelligent Design System of Products