Front cover image for God-breathed : the divine inspiration of the Bible

God-breathed : the divine inspiration of the Bible

Print Book, English, 2001
The Trinity Foundation, Unicoi, TN, 2001
367 pages ; 23 cm
9780940931572, 0940931575
Translator's preface
Prefatory observations
Definition of theopneustia
Theopneustia difined
Theopneustia asserted
Theopneustia rejected
Theopneustia further defined and stated
On the individuality of the sacred writers
Scriptural proof of the divine inspiration
All scripture is divinely inspired
All the prophetic utterances are given by God
All the scriptures of the Old Testament are prophetic
All the scriptures of the New Testament are prophetic
The examples of the apostles and or their Master
Attest that, in their view, all the words of the Holy Books are given by God
Brief didactic abstract of the doctrine of the divine inspiration
Catechetical sketch of the main points of the doctrine
On the adversaries and defenders of this doctrine
Examination of objections
The translations
Use of the Septuagint translation
The various readings
Errors of reasoning or of doctrine
Errors in narratives; contradictions in the facts
Errors contrary to natural philosophy
The declarations of Paul himself
Examination of evasions
Might not inspiration pertain to the thoughts only, without extending the words
Should we except from inspiration the historical books?
Will the apparent insignificance of certain details in the Bible authorize their being excepted from inspiration?
Sacred criticism, in the relations it bears to divine inspiration
Sacred criticism is a scientific inquirer, and not a judge
Let sacred criticism be an historian, not a soothsayer
Sacred criticism is the doorkeeper of the temple, not its God
The Bible above everything
Scripture index
The crisis of our time
Intellectual ammunition
Includes indexes