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Captain Blood : his odyssey

Rafael Sabatini, Bernard Cornwell (Writer of introduction)
Captin Blood is the much-loved story of a physician and gentleman turned pirate. Peter Blood, wrongfully accused and sentenced to death, narrowly escapes his fate and finds himself in the company of buccaneers. Embarking on his new life with remarkable skill and bravery, Blood becomes the 'Robin Hood' of the Spanish seas. This is swashbuckling adventure at its best
Print Book, English, [2002]
W.W. Norton, New York, [2002]
Sea stories
x, 367 pages ; 21 cm
9780393323290, 9780895263797, 0393323293, 0895263793
The Messenger
Kirke's Dragoons
The Lord Chief Justice
Human Merchandise
Arabella Bishop
Plans of Escape
The Rebels-Convict
Don Diego
Filial Piety
Don Pedro Sangre
Levasseur's Heroics
The Ransom
The Trap
The Dupes
The Milagrosa
The Meeting
Thief and Pirate
The Service of King James
The Service of King Louis
M. de Rivarol
The Honor of M. de Rivarol
The Service of King William
The Last Fight of the Arabella
His Excellency the Governor
Originally published in 1922