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The historical atlas of world railroads

A history of railroad development on every continent. The Historical Atlas of World Railroads charts the rise, fall and revival of railroads over the past 200 years, from the earliest experiments with wooden rails and horse-drawn wagons, through the rail-building boom of the steam age, to the onset of the modern high-speed lines, diesel-electric locomotives and electric tilting trains of today. --from publisher description
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1 atlas (399 pages) : illustrations (some color), color maps ; 34 cm
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The worldwide spread of railroads
The beginning of railroads, 1700-1824
The iron horse, steam power arrives, 1825-30
Pioneering ideas, 1831-50
Overcoming natural obstacles, 1851-80
Finding solutions 1881-1913
Railroads during and after the great war, 1914-22
The quest for speed, 1923-45
New age of the railroads
Railroad restructuring, late twentieth century
European railroads
Railroads of Britain and Ireland, from 1852
London to Glasgow, the West Coast Main Line
Poste haste!
The power of steam, 1800-34
Railroads of France, from 1832
The Orient Express, a glorious past
The Aquitaine, French heavyweight flyer
Paris-Lyon, pioneer TGV
Improving performance, 1835-74
Railroads in Belgium and Luxembourg, from 1835
Meeting the customer's needs, 1800-75
Railroads in Germany, from 1835
Trans-Europe express trains
Efficiency drive, 1875-1905
Railroads in Russia and the former Soviet States, from 1837
Backbone of an empire, the Trans-Siberian railroad
Locomotive development, 1906-26
Railroads in Switzerland and Austria, from 1838
Railroads through the Alps, from 1871
Climbing the mountains
Specialized rail traffic, 1876-1924
Railroads in the Netherlands, from 1839
The zenith of steam, 1927-34
The great locomotive works
Railroads in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, from 1839
Fit for purpose, rolling stock, from 1925
Railroads in Italy, from 1839
Speed and luxury, the Settebello
Railroads in Poland, from 1842
Dawn of a new age, 1935-44
Railroads in the former Yugoslav states and Albania, from 1846
The eclipse of steam
Railroads in Scandinavia, from 1847
The diesel locomotive
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