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The archaeology of early Roman Baetica

Print Book, English, 1998
Journal of Roman Archaeology, Portsmouth, R.I., 1998
242 pages : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm.
9781887829298, 1887829296
Introduction: early Roman Baetica / Simon Keay
Pre-Roman Turdetania / José Luis Escacena, María Belén
Turdentani and Bastetani: cultural identity in Iberian and early Roman Baetica / Mary Downs
The development of towns in early Roman Baetica / Simon Keay
Roman Córdoba in the light of recent archaeological research / Angel Ventura, Pilar León, Carlos Márquez
The beginnings of Latin epigraphy in the Baetica. The case of the funerary inscriptions / Armin Stylow
Cities as a basis of supraprovincial promotion. The equites of Baetica / Antonio Caballos Rufino
The Iberian and early Roman coinage of Hispania Ulterior Baetica / Francesca Chaves Tristán
The rural economy of western Baetica / Michel Ponsich
Baetican olive oil and the Roman economy / José Remesal Rodríguez
A view of Baetica's external commerce in the 1st c.A.D. based on its trade in metals / Claude Domergue
The use of marble and decorative stone in Roman Baetica / Marc Mayer, Isabel Rodà
The importance of Baetica in the Roman Empire: the view from Rome / Anthony Birley