Front cover image for Memoirs of a dragonfly (Satyricon)

Memoirs of a dragonfly (Satyricon)

Print Book, English, [New York]
[The artist], [New York]
1 carrying case, with book, confetti and dried roses : color illustrations ; 20 x 32 cm
Tempera, ink, marker, watercolor, scot tape, metal carrying case containing dried roses and confetti punched from texbloc. Book wrapped in cloth decorated by the artist and bearing a signature and th title of the work
This altered book is from the beginning of Broaddus's career. Broaddus manipulated a modern edition of the Satyricon by punching and cutting holes in the pages, and adding color. He collected the punched-out confetti pieces and incorporated them back into the work. A metal carrying case which houses the metamorphosed volume has a clear layer creating a space in the bottom of the box. In this space two dried roses and the confetti pieces reside. When the plastic is rubbed with the cloth that wraps the book, the static electricity created causes the confetti to dance. This effect continues for several minutes after the rubbing has ceased, giving the appearance that these bits of paper are live creatures