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Fundamentals of semiconductor fabrication

"This concise introduction to semiconductor fabrication technology covers everything professionals need to know, from crystal growth to integrated devices and circuits. Throughout, the authors address both theory and the practical aspects of each major fabrication step, including crystal growth, silicon oxidation, photolithography, etching, diffusion, ion implantation, and thin film deposition."--Jacket
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Wiley, New York, ©2004
xiii, 305 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
9780471232797, 9780471452386, 0471232793, 0471452386
1. Introduction
2. Crystal growth
3. Silicon oxidation
4. Photolithography
5. Etching
6. Diffusion
7. Ion implantation
8. Film deposition
9. Process integration
10. IC manufacturing
11. Future trends and challenges
A. List of symbols
B. International system of units (SI units)
C. Unit prefixes
D. Greek alphabet
E. Physical constants
F. Properties of Si and GaAs at 300K
G. Some properties of the error function
H. Basic kinetic theory of gases
I. SUPREM commands
J. Running PROLITH
K. Percentage points of the t distribution
L. Percentage points of the F distribution