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Listening to Olivia : violence, poverty, and prostitution

Smashing both the common stereotype of the depraved streetwalker and abstract feminist arguments legitimizing prostitution as the sexual liberation of women, the author uncovers an emerging multimillion-dollar global trafficking industry that detains women in a violent cycle of exploitation and dependence. Olivia's own insights on her turbulent childhood, stripping in clubs, soliciting on the street, drug addiction, brutal pimps, her three pregnancies, and her extraordinary transformation highlight important new questions: who are the men who buy sex from such poor, strung out women; and why are so many of these men so violent? [publisher web site]
Print Book, English, ©2004
Northeastern University Press, Boston, ©2004
308 pages ; 24 cm.
9781555535971, 9781555535964, 1555535976, 1555535968
Reeled in
Shooting up
The street
Doped up
Other voices, other rooms
What is to be done?