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His glory in song

Musical Score, English, ©1949
Tennessee Music & Print. Co., Cleveland, Tenn., ©1949
1 close score ; 20 cm
The meeting in the clouds / Ida McCoy
Some one will welcome you / M. Homer Cummings
The blessed old gospel way / Willie May Pollard ; Daphna Lee McCurry
When they ring the golden bells / Dion De Marbelle
Holding to God's everlasting arm / Whit Denson
O tell of his love / Martin A. Graham
The shepherd's call / Geo. H. Frush ; Otis L. McCoy
Just over the stars / Logan Oskin
I know my lord answers prayer / Daphna Lee McCurry
Jesus understood / C.M. Truesdell ; Eugene Wright
My glory is in the cross / Eugene Wright
The lily of the valley
A precious jewel / Ralph Duggan
Victory today is mine / Adger M. Pace ; W.B. Walbert
O little town of Bethlehem / Phillips Brooks ; Lewis H. Redner
The unclouded day / J.K. Alwood ; E.O.E
Whosoever will / D.S. Warner ; R.E. Winsett & B.E. Warren
He's coming soon / May Pollard ; Samuel L. Wallace
Redeemed / Mrs. E. Haynes ; E. Haynes
When the redeemed are gathering in / Johnson Oatman, Jr. ; W.H. Dutton
Press along / J.M. Henson ; S.L. Wallace
At the crowning / Ida McCoy
O I want to see him / R.H. Cornelius
Heavenly sunlight / H.J. Zelley ; G.H. Cook?
When I'm gone, don't be weeping / Chas. W. Watson
Watching you / J.M. Henson
A song of praise / Chas. W. Watson
I'll live on / Thos. J. Laney
Walk straight all the while / Chas. W. Watson
The beautiful city of gold / Lizzie DeArmond ; J.C. Moore
What blessings / Wyndham Colley ; W. Oliver Cooper
I'm happy all the time / B.F. Gilliland
Where the soul never dies / Wm. M. Golden
The home gathering in the sky / Mrs. Clyde Haynes ; E. Haynes
It is love / James Rowe ; R. Edwin Perry
I will never turn back / R.N.G. & R.E.W. ; R.N. Grisham
In the great triumphant morning / R.E. Winsett
Will Jesus find us watching? / Fanny J. Crosby ; W.H. Doane
What a gath'ring that will be / J.H. Kurznkrabe
Open the pearly gates / Miller
Look for the rainbow / J.B. Paris
Passing away / Chas. Wesley ; Otis L. McCoy
I will trade the old cross for a crown / Johnson Oatman ; J.M. Henson
I want to love him more / W.M. York ; Willie York
Bound for home / Fannie L. Marona
America / Samuel Francis Smith ; Henry Carey
Where shall I be? / anon. ; R.E. Winsett
'Twill be glory by and by / J.B. Vaughan
He has a blessing for you / C.M. Truesdell ; Eugene Wright
Same happy day / J. Graydon Hall ; H.E. Barnett
When I enter heaven's goal / L.O. Brook
Mother will never forsake me / Sadie Chandler ; Benj. Jones
Shining in my soul / Erskine Greystone ; Claude P. Ganus
God bless my mother today / Erskine Greystone ; Clarence P. Ganus
I want to be like him / F.L. Eiland
Battle hymn / I. Watts ; Wm. B. Blake
I'll be standing on the portals / O.A. Parris ; C.N. Oden
In the sunny angel land / O.A. Parris ; Ruby Smith
I'm going that way / James Rowe ; L.B. Register
The great reaping day / R.E. Winsett
The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory / Eugene Wright
Sleep, little one, sleep / J.H. Stewart
Moving higher / Eugene Wright ; A.E. Studdard
He'll make it plain / H.L. Buice
Standing outside / J.A. McClung
My heart's desire / J.W. Davis
What a happy exchange / Eugene Wright
Almost persuaded / P.P. Bliss
How beautiful heaven must be / Mrs. A.S. Bridgewater ; A.P. Bland
Prepare to meet thy God / J.H. Stanley
In the hallelujah chorus / O.A. Parris
He loves me / O.A. Parris
I have found the way / L.E. Green ; Adger M. Pace
The life boat / anon. & F.M.G. ; F.M.G
Beautiful city of Zion / W.S. Fletcher
Gladly serving / Mrs. J.M. Hunter ; Ottie Hyche
Wonderful love light / John L. Shrader
I'll be a friend to Jesus / J. Oatman ; J.W. Dennis
Everybody will be happy over there / E.M. Bartlett
Take my life, and let it be / F.R. Havergal ; Wm. B. Bradbury
O who shall be able to stand? / W.T. Dale ; G.W. Brown
Who is that? / E.M. Bartlett
In the city where the lamb is light / Herbert Buffum ; R.E. Winsett
Don't hinder me / J.T. Cook
I'll find a sweet rest / Albert E. Brumley
Our prayer / James Rowe ; Henry Cole
Scatter sunshine / W.B. Chamberlain ; Florence Close & Otis L. McCoy
Home-land / Paine Denson
Lift me up above the shadows / Herbert Buffum ; R.E. Winsett
His blood is on my soul / R.E. Winsett
What a day for souls redeemed / James Rowe ; Thos. Lloyd McLain
Somebody knows / Marion Davis
On to glory / Eugene M. Bryant
Sweet morning / Otis L. McCoy
The measure of love / Edgar Jackson ; J.M. Henson
Our prayer / J.M. Henson
That beautiful country / Geo. W. Sebren
Asleep in Jesus / Margaret Mackay ; William B. Bradbury
Soon leaving out / E.H. Cain
As I read my bible / Homer Colley
Heaven holds all to me / Tillit S. Teddlie
What shall our answers be? / E.R. Latta ; D.E. Dortch
Mother! / C.M. Truesdell ; Eugene Wright
Waiting for the faithful few / B.D.W. ; Belleva D. Waddell & Otis L. McCoy
Rock me to sleep mother / Elbert B. Fowler
Remember me / J.T. Sisk
That wonderful time / J.B. Ellis
Glory is coming / James Rowe
Jesus is his name / Otis L. McCoy
Promised land / Samuel Stennett
Praise Jehovah / James Rowe ; Claude P. Ganus
On the cross of Calvary / C.F.C. ; Marion Davis
Just a little while / E.M. Bartlett
Jesus, hold my hand / Albert E. Brumley
His love will lead me home / J.B. Paris
Perfect joy / Johnie Payne & C.B. ; Carlos Barrentine
Master the tempest is raging / H.R. Palmer
Brighter days will soon come / Theodore Sisk
I walk in the new Jerusalem way / Albert E. Brumley
I'm happy in the glory way / Claude P. Ganus
O why not come today? / Johnny Hardwick
I'm depending on him for everything / O.A. Parris ; B.C. Robinson
Hold up Jesus / James Rowe ; Otis L. McCoy
God's breath is in the sails / R.P. Johnson ; E.W. Hilton
Singing of love divine / J.B. Paris
During the storm / C.M. Truesdell ; Eugene Wright
It's just like heaven / W. Oliver Cooper
Rescue the perishing / Fanny J. Crosby ; W.H. Doane
O why not to-night? / J. Calvin Bushey
Softly and tenderly / Will L. Thompson
All hail the power of Jesus' name / Edward Perronet ; Oliver Holden
Onward, Christian soldiers / Sabine Gould ; Arthur Sullivan
O save me at the cross / Fanny J. Crosby
There is a fountain / Wm. Cowper
There's a great day coming / Will L. Thompson
On Jordan's stormy banks / Samuel Stennett ; T.C. O'Kane
Safe in the arms of Jesus / Fanny J. Crosby ; W.H. Doane
Only sleeping / F.L. Eiland
What a friend / H. Bonar ; C.C. Converse
The home over there / D.W.C. Huntington ; Tullius C. O'Kane
God be with you / J.E. Rankin ; W.G. Tomer
Blest be the tie that binds / John Fawcett ; H.G. Nageli
Revive us again / Wm. P. MacKay ; J.J. Husband
Jesus shall reign / Isaac Watts ; John Hatton
O happy day / Philip Doddridge ; E.F. Rimbault
Pass me not / Fanny J. Crosby ; W.H. Doane
I need thee / Annie Sherwood Hawks ; Robert Lowry
O how I love Jesus / Isaac Watts ; R.E. Winsett
Jesus loves even me / P.P. Bliss
Come, thou fount / Geo. Robinson ; John Wyeth
I love Jesus, he's my savior / Geo. Robinson ; J.J. Rousseau
Sweet by-and-by / S. Fillimore Bennett ; Jos. P. Webster
Blessed Assurance / F.J. Crosby ; Mrs. J.F. Knapp
He leadeth me /?.W. Gilmore ; Wm. B. Bradbury
I will follow Jesus
I am coming / W.G. Fischer
I'm going thro', Jesus / Herbert Buffum ; R.E. Winsett
My faith looks up to thee / Ray Palmer ; Lowell Mason
Worthy is the lamb / W.M. Stallings
Hymns; with music
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