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Our God-breathed book, the Bible

Here you will find the truth, witnessed by devoted and learned Bible scholars Charles Feinberg, R. Laird Harris and S. Maxwell Coder, as well as other trusted fundamental scholars, that the Bible was settled in God's mind in every detail before written down on earth and that God prepared the men who wrote--Isaiah is "a polished shaft," for example (Isa. 49:2)--and that God even prepared and controlled the environment and character and feeling of the writers so that they wrote down God's revelation in His inspired words
Print Book, English, [1969]
Sword of the Lord Publishers, Murfreesboro, Tenn., [1969]
416 pages 24 cm
Inspiration: Holy Ground: Pull of your shoes!
Beware of "scholars" who do not believe the Bible is God's word
The Bible claims to be the inspired word of God
What a perfect, God-breathed Bible involves
The inspiration of the Bible is claimed alike for all its parts
The testimony of Jesus Christ about the Word of God
The human element in writing inspire scripture
Where did Luke get his facts?
Eternal word of God settled in Heaven before it was written down by men God prepared
God put His style into the Prophets
Some amazing cases illustrating inspiration: what they show
Three divine
Human things: Christ, regeneration and the Scriptures
Word-for-word inspiration
Verbal inspiration: Is it "mechanical dictation"?
Did God dictate the Bible?
Prophecies fulfilled prove the Bible is the supernaturally inspired Bible
Amazing scientific accuracy of the Bible
More evidences that the Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God
God preserves His eternal word
Bible translations, Principles and comments