Front cover image for The fat of the land : proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2002

The fat of the land : proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2002

Print Book, English, 2003
Footwork, Bristol, 2003
vi, 313 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9780953505715, 0953505715
The apparition of fat in Western nutritional theory / Ken Albala
Gluttony : The fifth deadly sin / Joan P. Alcock
The fats of the land : How Sumo wrestlers, Tempura and Viking became foodtainment in Japan / Michael Ashkenazi
Fat in the Jewish diet / Josephine Bacon
Fat as a preservative : Cheese in oil / Rosemary Barron and Geraldene Holt
Fat and flavour / Fritz Bland and Len Fisher
Fat words butter no parsnip : In memory of Jenny Macarthur / Andrew Dalby
Waste not want not : The excesses of gluttony in the early to mid-Victorian period / Helen Day
Jack Spratt's horror : Lardo rediscovered / Anne Dolamore
Hunting for fat, searching for lean / Nichola Flectcher
Polyunsaturated fats and cancer / Barry A. Groves
Oil in Japanese cookery
Comments on an essay by Naomichi Ishige / Richard Hosking
Luscious lipids / Philip Iddison
Celebrating fat / Manpreet Janeja
Masculinity, potency and pig fat : The Kelabit of Sarawak / Monica Janowski
"Even a greedy look is disagreeable" / Cathy K. Kaufman
The fats of life / Sotiris Kitrilakis
Fried in the heartland / Bruce Kraig
Beyond food and fat, the coconut as the Filipino tree of life / Pia Lim-Castillo
Eat fat and fast : The olive oil pastries of Crete / Diana Farr Louis
A brief history of fat, fasting, and the balance diet : The Greek point of view / Linda Lyons
The pig in Irish cuisine past and present / Mairtin Mac Con Iomaire
Fat in the Victorian kitchen : A medium for cooking, control, deviance and crime / Gerald mars and Valerie Mars
Medieval Arab oils / Charles Perry
Olive oil : Old world, new world
A culinary and cultural bridge / Judy Ridgway
The role and function of butter in the diet of the Monk and penitent in early medieval Ireland / Regina Sexton
Cooking fats in Iran / Margaret Shaida
A fat difference / Renee Valeri
Vegetable oils : A brief survey / Harlan Walker
The greasier the better : Dumba and its place in the Uzbek diet / Russell Zanca
The succulence of kebab, the savour of rice / Sami Zubaida