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The elements of typographic style

Long the preserve of trained specialists alone, typography is now a territory open to everyone equipped with a computer. For millions, the ability to produce effective printed documents has lately become, like effective speaking and writing, an essential professional skill and an important source of personal satisfaction. Far more than a style guide, this book is a brief history of typographic art; a compact encyclopedia of typographic symbols, concepts and traditions; and a tour of the technologies employed, old and new. In all, it is a thoughtful and insightful desktop reference for everyone who works with written words. To writers, this book offers a whole new set of skills and tools for effective expression and communication. To readers, it offers a new dimension of reading: a deeper appreciation of letters and a deeper understanding of what they mean.--From publisher description
Print Book, English, ©2004
Hartley & Marks, Publishers, Point Roberts, WA, ©2004
382 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780881792058, 9780881792065, 0881792055, 0881792063
Historical synopsis
The grand design
Rhythm & proportion
Harmony & counterpoint
Structural forms & devices
Analphabetic symbols
Choosing & combining type
Historical interlude
Shaping the page
The state of the art
Grooming the font
Prowling the specimen books
The working alphabet
Glossary of characters
Glossary of terms
Type designers