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The Liturgy of <i>Parsifal</i>

In 1876 Richard Wagner conquered the world. A small hyperactive man, a political exile for many years from his native Saxony, plagued by domestic troubles and hopeless debts, he had been rescued at the nadir of his fortunes by the young king of Bavaria and put on the road that led to his producing, in his own specially designed theatre, his own immense poetic drama, The Ring of the Nibelung, set to his own music, before an audience drawn from the whole of Europe and the civilized world, induding the German emperor prodaimed six years before at Versailles and now taking precedence over all other potentates at the festival of the triumph of German art. Few artists have ever so boldly stamped their name on the pages of world history
Downloadable Article, 1980
University of Toronto Quarterly, 49, 19800101, 117
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