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New Testament theology : many witnesses, one Gospel

"New Testament theology is essentially missionary theology," writes I. Howard Marshall. Founded on a sure-footed mastery of the data and constructed with clear thinking lucidly expressed, this long-anticipated New Testament theology offers the insights born of a distinguished career of study, reflection, teaching and writing on the New Testament. Here is a New Testament theology that does not succumb to the fashion of settling for an irreconcilable diversity of New Testament voices but argues that "a synthetic New Testament theology is a real possibility. Beginning with the Gospels and Acts, proceeding to each of Paul's letters, focusing then on the Johannine literature and finally looking at Hebrews and the remaining general epistles, Marshall repeatedly stops to assess the view. And gradually he builds up a composite synthesis of the unified theological voice of the New Testament
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pt. 1. Introduction
pt. 2. Jesus, the synoptic gospels and Acts
pt. 3. The Pauline letters
pt. 4. The Johannine literature
pt. 5. Hebrews, James,!-2 Peter, and Jude
pt. 6. Conclusion Table of contents