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The global cities reader

"Since the mid-1990s, research on global cities has exploded throughout the social sciences. It has now become one of the most exciting, if controversial, approaches to the study of urban life today." "Fifty generous selections, including contributions from John Friedmann, Michael Peter Smith, Saskia Sassen, Peter J. Taylor, Manuel Castells and Anthony D. King, explore the interrelationships between cities and globalization. The seven parts with accompanying editorial introductions guide the student through the key theoretical, methodological and empirical debates." "The Global Cities Reader explores the major foundations of research on globalized urbanization. Classic and contemporary case studies of globalizing cities from Europe, North America and East Asia as well as from emerging world city regions of the global South are presented. The political and cultural dimensions of global city formation are examined in separate parts. The Reader concludes by examining the refinement and critique of global cities research since the 1990s."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 2006
Routledge, London, 2006
xvi, 436 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm.
9780415323444, 9780415323451, 0415323444, 0415323452
Editors' introduction: global city theory in retrospect and prospect
Part 1. Global city formation: emergence of a concept and research agenda : Prologue : The metropolitan explosion / Peter Hall
Divisions of space and time in Europe / Fernand Braudel
Urban specialization in the world system: an investigation of historical classes /
Nestor Rodriguez and Joe R. Feagin
Global city formation in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles: an historical perspective / Janet Abu-Lughod
The new international division of labor, multinational corporations, and urban hierarchy / Robert B. Cohen
World city formation: an agenda for research and action / John Friedmann and Goetz Wolff
The world city hypothesis / John Friedmann
Part 2. Structures, dynamics and geographies of global city formation : Prologue : 100-mile cities / Deyan Sudjic
Cities and communities in the global economy / Saskia Sassen
Locating cities on global circuits / Saskia Sassen
World city network: a new metageography? / Jonathan V. Beaverstock, Richard G. Smith and Peter J. Taylor
Global cities and global classes: the peripheralization of labour in New York City / Robert Ross and Kent Trachte
Inequality in global city-regions / Susan S. Fainstein
Global grids of glass: on global cities, telecommunications and planetary urban networks / Stephen Graham
Part 3. Local pathways of global city formation: classic and contemporary case studies : Prologue : Cities, the informational society and the global economy / Manuel Castells
The city as a landscape of power: London and New York as global financial capitals / Sharon Zukin
The urban restructuring process in Tokyo during the 1980s: transforming Tokyo into a world city / Takashi Machimura
Detroit and Houston: two cities in global perspective / Richard Child Hill and Joe R. Feagin
Global city Zurich: paradigms of urban development / Christian Schmid
Global cities and developmental states: New York, Tokyo and Seoul / Richard Child Hill and June Woo Kim
The stimulus of a little confusion: a contemporary comparison of Amsterdam and Los Angeles Edward W. Soja
Part 4. Globalization, urbanization and uneven spatial development: perspectives on global city formation in/from the global south : Prologue : A global agora vs. gated city-regions / Riccardo Petrella
Building, architecture, and the new international division of labor / Anthony D. King
The world city hypothesis: reflections from the periphery / David Simon
'Fourth world' cities in the global economy: the case of Phnom Penh, Cambodia / Gavin Shatkin
Global and world cities: a view from off the map / Jennifer Robinson
Globalization and the corporate geography of cities in the less-developed world / Richard Grant and Jan Nijman
São Paulo: outsourcing and downgrading of labor in a globalizing city / Simone Buechler. Part 5. Contested cities: state restructuring, local politics and civil society : Prologue : The global city as world order / Warren Magnusson
Global cities, 'glocal' states: global city formation and state territorial restructuring in contemporary Europe / Neil Brenner
World city formation on the Asia-Pacific rim: poverty, 'everyday' forms of civil society and environmental management / Mike Douglass
'Global Cities' vs 'global cities': rethinking contemporary urbanism as public ecology / Timothy Luke
The neglected builder of global cities / Anne Haila
The globalization of Frankfurt am Main: core, periphery and social conflict / Roger Keil and Klaus Ronneberger
Urban social movements in an era of globalization / Margit Mayer
Part 6. Representation, identity and culture in global cities: rethinking the local and the global : Prologue : Towards cosmopolis: a postmodern agenda / Leonie Sandercock
The cultural role of world cities / Ulf Hannerz
World cities: Global? Postcolonial? Postimperial? Or just the result of happenstance? Some cultural comments / Anthony D. King
'Global media cities': major nodes of globalizing culture and media industries / Stefan Krätke
Willing the global city: Berlin's cultural strategies of inter-urban competition after 1989 / Ute Lehrer
Exploring Colombo: the relevance of a knowledge of New York / Nihal Perera
Culturing the world city: an exhibition of the global present / Steven Flusty
Part 7. Emerging issues in global cities research: refinements, critiques and new frontiers : Prologue : Whose city is it? / Saskia Sassen
Space in the globalizing city / Peter Marcuse
Globalization and the rise of city-regions / Allen J. Scott
The global cities discourse: a return to the master narrative? / Michael Peter Smith
Immigration and the global city hypothesis: towards an alternative research agenda / Michael Samers
Pathways to global city formation: a view from the developmental city-state of Singapore / Kris Olds and Henry Wai-Chung Yeung
World city topologies / Richard G. Smith
The urban revolution / Henri Lefebvre