Front cover image for 7th annual symposium on frontiers of engineering

7th annual symposium on frontiers of engineering

Print Book, English, 2002
[1 volume]
9780309084987, 0309084989
1 Front Matter; 2 Active Flow Control: Enabling Next-Generation Jet Propulsion Aerodynamics; 3 Miniature Spy Planes: The Next Generation of Flying Robots; 4 Toward Micromechanical Flyers; 5 Dynamic Planning and Control of Civil Infrastructure Systems; 6 Improbable Is Not Impossible: Decision Making Under Uncertainty; 7 Interdependencies in Civil Infrastructure Systems; 8 Design Challenges for Future Wireless Systems; 9 Next-Generation Mobile Wireless Internet Technology; 10 Service Architectures for Emerging Wireless Networks; 11 Wireless Integrated Network Sensors (WINS): The Web Gets Physical; 12 Applying Simulation Technology to the Life Sciences; 13 Reengineering the Paralyzed Nervous Systems; 14 Merging Living Cells and Microsystems Engineering; 15 Technology Innovation in the New Era; 16 Appendix A: Contributors; 17 Appendix B: Program; 18 Appendix C: Participants