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The foundations of science : science and hypothesis, the value of science, science and method

Henri Poincaré (Author, Writer of preface), George Bruce Halsted (Translator), Josiah Royce (Writer of introduction)
eBook, English, 1946
The Science Press, Lancaster, Pa., 1946
1 online resource (xi, 553 pages)
Science and hypothesis
The value of science
Science and method. Henri Poincaré
Author's preface to the translation
Science and hypothesis. Introduction by Royce
Part I. Number and magnitude. On the nature of mathematical reasoning
Part II. Space. The non-Euclidean geometrics ; Space and geometry ; Experience and geometry
Part II. Force. The classic mechanics ; Relative motion and absolute motion ; Energy and thermodynamics
Part IV. Nature. Hypothesis in physics ; The theories of modern physics ; The calculus of probabilities ; Optics and electricity ; Electrodynamics
The value of science. Translator's introduction
Does the scientist create science?
The mind dispelling optical illusions
Euclid not necessary
Without hypothesis, no science
What outcome?
Part I. The mathematical sciences. Intuition and logic in mathematics ; The measure of time ; The notion of space ; Space and its three dimensions
Part II. The physical sciences. Analysis and physics ; Astronomy ; The history of mathematical physics ; The present crisis of mathematical physics ; The future of mathematical physics
Part III. The objective value of science. Is science artificial? ; Science and reality
Science and method. Introduction
Book I. Science and the scientist. The choice of facts ; The future of mathematics ; Mathematical creation ; Chance
Book II. Mathematical reasoning. The relativity of space ; Mathematical definitions and teaching ; Mathematics and logic ; The new logics ; The latest efforts of the logisticians
Book III. The new mechanics. Mechanics and radium ; Mechanics and optics ; The new mechanics and astronomy
Book IV. Astronomic science. The Milky way and the theory of gases ; French geodesy
General conclusions
Includes index
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