Front cover image for The revolution starts at home : confronting intimate violence within activist communities

The revolution starts at home : confronting intimate violence within activist communities

"The extent of the violence affecting our communities is staggering. Nearly one in three women in the United States will experience intimate violence in her lifetime. And while intimate violence affects relationships across the sexuality and gender spectrums, the likelihood of isolation and irreparable harm, including death, is even greater within LGBTQI communities. To effectively resist violence out there--in the prison system, on militarized borders, or during other clear encounters with "the system"--we must challenge how it is reproduced right where we live. It's one thing when the perpetrator is the police, the state, or someone we don't know. It's quite another when that person is someone we call friend, lover, mentor, trusted ally. Based on the popular zine that had reviewers and fans alike demanding more, The Revolution Starts at Home finally breaks the dangerous silence surrounding the "open secret" of intimate violence--by and toward caretakers, in romantic partnerships, and in friendships--within social justice movements. This watershed collection compiles stories and strategies from survivors and their allies, documenting a decade of community accountability work and delving into the nitty-gritty of creating safety from abuse without relying on the prison industrial complex. Fearless, tough-minded, and ultimately loving, The Revolution Starts at Home offers potentially life-saving alternatives for creating survivor safety while building a movement where no one is left behind." --Publisher description
Print Book, English, 2011
South End Press, New York, 2011
xxxvi, 325 pages ; 23 cm
9780896087941, 0896087948
Safety at the intersections of intimate, community & state violence
Reclaiming queer & trans safety / Morgan Bassichis
Ending oppression : building solidarity : creating community solutions / Meiver De la Cruz & Carol Gomez
It takes ass to whip ass : understanding & confronting violence against sex workers : a roundtable discussion / Miss Major, Jessica Yee & Mariko Passion
I am because we are : believing survivors & facing down the barrel of the gun / Alexis Pauline Gumbs (UBUNTU)
Homewrecker / Gina de Vries
The secret joy of accountability : self-accountability as a building block for change / Shannon Perez-Darby
Seeking asylum : on intimate partner violence & disability / Peggy Munson
There is another way / Ana-Maurine Lara
Manifesto / Vanessa Huang
Without my consent / Bran Fenner
A sliding stance / N
When your parents made you / Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Freedom & strategy/trauma & resistance / Timothy Colm
Beautiful, difficult, powerful : ending sexual assault through transformative justice / The Chrysalis Collective
Making our stories matter : the Storytelling & Organizing Project (STOP) / Rachel Herzing & Isaac Ontiveros
What does it feel like when change finally comes? : male supremacy, accountability & transformative justice / Guarav Jashnani, RJ Maccani & Alan Greig
The Challenging Male Supremacy Project (CMS)
Movement building starts with healthy relationships : Transforming Silence into Action (TSIA) in Asian Pacific Islander LGBT communities / Orchid Pusey & gita mehrotra
Think. Re-think : accountable communities / Connie Burk
Includes index