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Boats, ships and shipyards : proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Venice 2000

From sewn planked boats in early dynastic Egypt to late Roman wrecks in Italy, and the design of Venetian Merchant Galleys, this volume gathers together 53 papers presenting research on the archaeology and history of ancient ships and shipbuilding traditions
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Conference papers and proceedings
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Introduction (Carlo Beltrame) A: Introductory Papers. Maritime Archaeology and the ISBSA - Where to in the 21st Century? (Frederick M Hocker); Nautical Archaeology in Italy: Past, Present and Future (Carlo Beltrame); The Arsenal of Venice and the Art of Building Ships (Mauro Bondioli). B: Mediterranean Ships. Neolithic Watercraft in Greece: Circumstantial Evidence and Serious Guesses (Christina Marangou); Sewn Planked Boats from Early Dynastic Abydos, Egypt (Cheryl A Ward); Towards the Determination of Mycenaean Shipbuilding Techniques, Tools and Materials (Dimitra Kamarinou); Mortise-and-Tenon Joints of Bronze Age Seagoing Ships (Cemal Pulak); Timber Supply and Ancient Naval Architecture (Frederic Guibal & Patrice Pomey); The Late-Roman "Parco di Teodorico" Wreck, Ravenna, Italy: Preliminary Remarks on the Hull and the Shipbuilding (Stefano Medas); Dor D Wreck, Tantura Lagoon, Israel (Yaacov Kahanov). C: Reconstruction of Ships. Reconstruction of Marseilles 6th century BC Greek ships (Patrice Pomey); The Late-Roman Fiumicino 1 Wreck: Reconstructing the Hull (Giulia Boetto); The Reconstruction of the Ladby Ship - Using a Working Spline Model and Computer (Vibeke Bischoff). D: The Shipyards. Progress in the Study of Ancient Shipsheds: A Review. The Size of Dockyards in the Classical and Hellenistic Period: Historical Sources and Archaeological Evidence (David Blackman); Ancient Slipways and Shipsheds on the Israeli Coast of the Mediterranean (Avner Raban); Operating on Shipsheds and Slipways: Evidence of Underwater Configuration of Slipways from the Neosoikos of 'Trypiti' (Kalliopi Baika); An Early Roman Boatyard at Mainz, Germany (Olaf Hockmann); Essay to Restore the Operating Process of a Shipyard in the Early Medieval Period: The Example of the Port Berteau II Wreck, Charente-Maritime, France (Eric Rieth); Nails for Shipbuilding (13th-20th centuries) (Furio Ciciliot); How Were Vessels Designed Before the Late-Medieval Period? (Sean McGrail); The Hogendijk Shipyard in Zaandam and the VOC Shipyard Oostenburg in Amsterdam. Examples of Recent Archaeological Slipway Research in the Netherlands (Jerzy Gawronski); Moulds, Rising Boards and Bevel Boards. The Wooden Memory of the Shipyard of Le Locum, Lake Geneva (Paul Bloesch); The Tyrrell's Boatyard of Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland (Darina Tully). E: Inlands Boats. Tracing Ship Traffic without Ships - Alternative Methods of Finding Evidence for Pre- and Early Historical Inland Water Transport (Ulrike Teigelake); Thoughts on the Typology of Stone Age Boat Petroglyphs from the White Sea and Lake Onega, Russia (Maik-Jens Springmann); A Roman River Barge (?) Found in the Danube Near Prahovo, Serbia (Ronald Bockius); Expanded Logboats Between the Baltic and the Black Sea (Waldemar Ossowski); A New Look at the Utrecht Ship (Aleydis Van de Moortel); Investigation of Traditional Boatbuilding for the Reconstruction of Medieval Russian Boats (Petr Sorokin); Wooden Shipbuilding on Lake Constance before 1900 (Dietrich Hakelberg). F: The Galleys. The Sailing Qualities of Venetian Great Galleys in the 15th Century. Evidence of their Influence on the Development of Sailing Ships in the Atlantic Area during the Following Century (Sergio Bellabarba); The Venetian Merchant Galley and the System of Partisoni - Initial Steps towards Modern Ship Design (Ulrich Alertz); The Art of Designing and Building Venetian Galleys from the 15th to the 16th centuries (Mauro Bondioli); Reportage, Representation and Reality. The Extent to which Chronicle Accounts and Contemporary Illustrations Can Be Relied upon when Discussing the Tactics Used in Medieval Galley Warfare (Susan Rose); Les Galeres de la Vue de Venise de Jacopo de Barberi (1500) (Lucien Basch); Kadirga. A Technical Analysis of the Sultan's Galley (Erkut Arcak); Drachio in Context (Louis Th. Lehmann). G: North European Medieval and Post -Medieval Ships. Variations on a Theme. 11th -century Ship Types of the North (Ole Crumlin-Pedersen); The Boat Puck - 3 - in the Light of Investigation of Other Slavic Boats from 9-14th Century (Jerzy Litwin); The Szczecin Vessel - A 'Crossroad' of Shipbuilding Traditions or a Representative Artifact of Early Medieval Boatbuilding by Western Slavs? (George Indruszewski); Large Cargo Vessels in Danish Waters 1000-1250. Archaeological Evidence for Professional Merchant Seafaring before the Hanseatic Period (Anton Englert); Remarks on the Identification of Medieval Ship Types in Northern Europe (Timm Weski); Rare Fragments of a 13th Century Clinker Galley Found in London and Use of the Irish Wildwoods for Shipbuilding (Damian Goodburn); Clenched Lap-Strake Boat Finds From the Netherlands, Between 1200 and 1600 (Andre F L van Holk); Illuminating Ships: Integrating the Evidence from Images and Materials in Medieval Europe (Joe Flatman); Squares and Stripes: Remarks about Textiles Archaeology and Sails (Susan Moller-Wiering); Ships and Private Shipyards through the Archaeological Evidence of the Wreck off La Natiere (Saint-Malo, Brittany, France) (Michel L'Hour & Elisabeth Veyrat); The Mysteries of a Baltic Trader (Martijn R Manders); Whipstaff and Helmsman: An Account of the Steering-gear of the Vasa (Olof Pipping). H: Integrated Evidence and Replicas. Maritime Ethnography: The Reality of Analogy (Lucy Blue); A Comparison Between the Earliest Testimonies of Venetian Construction Techniques and the Testimonies of the Present Day (Gilberto Penzo); Reconstruction of the Hjortspring Boat: Sailing Tests (Knud Vagn Valbjorn, Niels Peter Fenger & Max Vinner); Two Slavonic Boat Reconstructions in the Open Air Museum Gross Raden (Trixi Gulland).
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