Front cover image for Party in the Blitz : the English years

Party in the Blitz : the English years

"Party in the Blitz, a new volume of Elias Canetti's autobiography, comes as a surprise gift to celebrate the Nobel Laureate's 100th birthday."
Print Book, English, ©2005
New Directions, New York, ©2005
249 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
9780811216364, 0811216365
Out of England
No-one in England or the silence of contempt
"Durris", Stubbs Wood, Chesham Bois
The street sweeper
Herbert Read
Vices and virtues of English parties
Hampstead: a gathering of poets
Kathleen Raine
Aymer and his mother
Visit in Mochrum
Lord David Stewart
Mrs. Phillimore. Bertrand Russell
Arthur Waley
Diana Spearman
Enoch Powell
Veronica Wedgwood
Misery at parties
Franz Steiner
Downshire Hill
J.D. Bernal
Geoffrey Pyke
Freddie Uhlman
Ce poids! Ce poids!
Henry Moore and Roland Penrose. The party in the Blitz. The battle of Britain. Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Church Row. The cemetery
The party at Penrose's. The firemen
The Freemasons arms. Friedl
Friedl's generosity. The blouse. Stevie Smith
Oskar Kokoschka
Iris Murdoch
Vaughan Williams
England, an island
Some varieties of arrogance