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The Chanka : archaeological research in Andahuaylas (Apurimac), Peru

The defeat of the Chanka is considered a defining moment in the history of South America as the Inca then continued to expand and establish the largest empire of the Americas. Brian Bauer conducted an archaeological survey of the Andahuaylas region, and includes an archaeological analysis on the development of the Chanka and defeat by the Inca.
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Understanding the Chanka
Who were the Chanka?
The early peoples of Andahuaylas : the Archaic (9500-2100 BC) and Muyu Moqo (2100-100 BC) phases
The Qasawirka phase in the Andahuaylas region (300 BC-AD 1000)
Wari influence in the Andahuaylas region (AD 600-1000)
The Chanka phase in the Andahuaylas region (AD 1000-1400)
The Inca occupation of the Andahuaylas region
Overview of the Chanka
Appendix 1: Inventory and provenience of radiocarbon : samples from the Andahuaylas region
Appendix 2: The petroglyphs of Andahuaylas
Appendix 3: The archaeology of Uranmarca / by Carlo Socualaya Dávila and Brian S. Bauer
Appendix 4: The Acta de Uranmarca / by Sabine Hyland, Brian S. Bauer, and Carlo Socualaya Dávila
Appendix 5: Muyu Moqo ceramics
Appendix 6: Chacamarca ceramics
Appendix 7: Qasawirka ceramics
Appendix 8: Chanka ceramics