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The ethics of executive compensation

* Includes discussions across academic disciplines, perspectives, and intellectual orientations on the oft-debated topic of executive compensation. * Gathers for the first time a series of lectures delivered at the 2004 Japha Symposium at the University of Colorado.
Print Book, English, 2006
Blackwell Pub., Malden, MA, 2006
x, 182 pages ; 24 cm.
9781405133418, 1405133414
Insights of empirical research
Executive preference for compensation structure and normative myopia : a business and society research project / Diane L. Swanson and Marc Orlitzky
Does firm performance reduce managerial opportunism? : the impact of performance based compensation and firm performance on illegal accounting restatements / Jegoo Lee, Byung-Hee Lee, Sandra A. Waddock, & Samuel B. Graves
A preliminary investigation into the association between Canadian corporate social responsibility and executive compensation / Lois S. Mahoney & Linda Thorne
Justice-based analyses of executive compensation
How much is too much? : a theoretical analysis of executive compensation from the standpoint of distributive justice / Jared Harris
Justice, incentives, and executive compensation / William H. Shaw
CEO compensation and virtue ethics / Michael Potts
Chihuahuas in the gardens of corporate capitalism : a discussion / Lyla D. Hamilton
Broadening the perspective
The obligation of corporate boards to set and monitor compensation / Carmen M. Alston
Executive pay in public academia : a non-justice-based argument for the reallocation of compensation / James Stacey Taylor
How to (try to) justify CEO pay / Jeffrey Moriarty
Executive compensation : just procedures and outcomes / Joseph DesJardins