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The WTO and anti-dumping

This two-volume set contains a careful selection of the most significant papers on anti-dumping. These important articles have not only shaped the policy debate in this area but have also substantially influenced how we think about the use and role of anti-dumping in trade relations today.
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V. 1
pt. 1. Explaining dumping : classic references
1. Jacob Viner (1923), 'The definition of dumping', 'The classification of dumping', 'The influence of dumping on prices in the dumping country', 'The consequences of dumping to the importing country', and 'Ordinary protective tariffs as safeguards against dumping'
2. Theodore O. Yntema (1928), 'The influence of dumping on monopoly price'
3. Joan Robinson (1933), 'Price discrimination' and 'The moral of price discrimination'
4. Gottfried von Haberler (1936), 'Dumping, cartels, monopolies, and export bounties'
pt. 2. Explaining dumping : modern analysis
5. James Brander and Paul Krugman (1983), 'A "reciprocal dumping" model of international trade'
6. Wilfred J. Ethier (1982), 'Dumping'
7. James E. Anderson (1992), 'Domino dumping I: competitive exporters'
8. Richard H. Clarida (1993), 'Entry, dumping, and shakeout'
pt. 3. Economic effects of dumping
9. Richard Boltuck (1991), 'Assessing the effects on the domestic industry of price dumping'
10. Robert D. Willig (1998), 'Economic effects of antidumping policy'
11. Kenneth H. Kelly and Morris E. Morkre (1998), 'Do unfairly traded imports injure domestic industries?' Pt. 4. Economic effects of anti-dumping
12. K. Michael Finger (1992), 'Dumping and antidumping : the rhetoric and the reality of protection in industrial countries'
13. Michael P. Leidy and Bernard M. Hoekman (1990), 'Production effects of price- and cost-based anti-dumping laws under flexible exchange rates'
14. Robert W. Staiger and Frank A. Wolak (1992), 'The effect of domestic antidumping law in the presence of foreign monopoly'
15. James D. Reitzes (1993), 'Antidumping policy'
16. Simon P. Anderson, Nicolas Schmitt and Jacques-Francois Thisse (1995), 'Who benefits from antidumping legislation?'
17. Michael P. Gallaway, Bruce A. Blonigen and Joseph E. Flynn (1999), 'Welfare costs of the U.S. antidumping and countervailing duty laws'
18. Hylke Vandenbussche, Reinhilde Veugelers and Jozef Konings (2001), 'Unionization and European antidumping protection'
pt. 5. Industry studies of the impact of anti-dumping
19. Stefanie Lenway, Kathleen Rehbein and Laura Starks (1990), 'The impact of protectionism on firm wealth : the experience of the steel industry'
20. Robert W. Staiger and Frank A. Wolak (1994), 'Measuring industry-specific protection : antidumping in the United States', 'Comments and discussion'
21. Corinne M. Krupp and Patricia S. Pollard (1996), 'Market responses to antidumping laws : some evidence from the U.S. chemical industry'. V. 2
pt. 1. Vertical industry links in dumping and anti-dumping
1. Bernard M. Hoekman and Michael P. Leidy (1992), 'Cascading contingent protection'
2. Robert M. Feinberg and Seth Kaplan (1993), 'Fishing downstream : the political economy of effective administered protection'
3. Daniel M. Bernhofen (1995), 'Price dumping in intermediate good markets'
pt. 2. Anti-dumping with FDI
4. Bruce A. Blonigen and Yuka Ohno (1998), 'Endogenous protection, foreign direct investment and protection-building trade'
5. Rene A. Belderbos (1997), 'Antidumping and tariff jumping : Japanese firms'
6. Jan I. Haaland and Ian Wooton (1998), 'Antidumping jumping : reciprocal antidumping and industrial location'
pt. 3. Anti-dumping and competition policy
7. Patrick A. Messerlin (1994), 'Should antidumping rules be replaced by national or international competition rules?'
8. Klaus Stagemann (1990), 'EC anti-dumping policy : are price undertakings a legal substitute for illegal price fixing?'
9. Reinhilde Veugelers and Hylke Vandenbussche (1999), 'European anti-dumping policy and the profitability of national and international collusion'
10. Hyun Ja Shin (1998), 'Possible instrances of predatory pricing in recent U.S. antidumping cases'
pt. 4. Implementation of issues in anti-dumping
11. Alan O. Sykes (1996), 'The economics of injury in antidumping and countervailing duty cases'
12. Edwin Vermulst and Paul Waer (1991), 'The calculation of injury margins in EC anti-dumping proceedings'
13. P.K.M. Tharakan, David Greenaway and Joe Tharakan (1998), 'Cumulation and injury determination of the European community in antidumping cases'
14. Thomas J. Prusa (1992), 'Why are so many antidumping petitions withdrawn?' Pt. 5. Political economy of anti-dumping : theory
15. H. Keith Hall and Douglas Nelson (1992), 'Institutional structure in the political economy of protection : legislated v. administered protection'
16. James E. Anderson (1994), 'Strategic lobbying and antidumping'
17. B. Peter Rosendorff (1996), 'Voluntary export restraints, antidumping procedure, and domestic politics'
pt. 6. Political economy of anti-dumping : empirics
18. J.M. Finger, H. Keith Hall and Douglas R. Nelson (1982), 'The political economy of administered protection'
19. Wendy L. Hansen and Thomas J. Prusa (1997), 'The economics and politics of trade policy : an empirical analysis of ITC decision making'
20. Wendy L. Hansen and Kee Ok Park (1995), 'Nation-state and pluralistic decision making in trade policy : the case of the international trade administration'
21. P.K.M. Tharakan and J. Waelbroeck (1994), 'Antidumping and countervailing duty decisions in the E.C. and in the U.S. : an experiment in comparative political economy'
22. Angelika Eymann and Ludger Schuknecht (1996), 'Antidumping policy in the European community : political discretion or technical determination'
23. Michael M. Knetter and Thomas J. Prusa (2003), 'Macroeconomic factors and antidumping filings : evidence from four countries'
pt. 7. The WTO : spread of anti-dumping and control of anti-dumping
24. J. Michael Finger and Kwok-Chiu Fung (1994), 'Will GATT enforcement control antidumping?'
25. Thomas J. Prusa (2001), 'On the spread and impact of anti-dumping'
26. Robert E. Baldwin (1998), 'Imposing multilateral discipline on administered protection'
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