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Cognitive ecology of pollination : animal behavior and floral evolution

Recent advances have been made in our understanding of the cognitive and sensory abilities of pollinators and their consequences for floral evolution. This book integrates the work of evolutionary ecologists and neuroethologists to describe how pollinating animals have influenced the extraordinary variety of floral colour, form and scent in nature
eBook, English, 2001
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2001
1 online resource (xiii, 344 pages) : illustrations
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The effect of variation among floral traits on the flower constancy of pollinators / Robert J. Gegear and Terence M. Laverty
Behavioral and neural mechanisms of learning and memory as determinants of flower constancy / Randolf Menzel
Subjective evaluation and choice behavior by nectar- and pollen-collecting bees / Keith D. Waddington
Honeybee vision and floral displays: from detection to close-up recognition / Martin Giurfa and Miriam Lehrer
Floral scent, olfaction, and scent-driven foraging behavior / Robert A. Raguso
Adaptation, constraint, and chance in the evolution of flower color and pollinator color vision / Lars Chittka, Johannes Spaethe, Annette Schmidt, Anja Hickelsberger
Foraging and spatial learning in hummingbirds / Susan D. Healy and T. Andrew Hurly
Bats as pollinators: foraging energetics and floral adaptations / York Winter and Otto von Helversen
Vision and learning in some neglected pollinators: beetles, flies, moths, and butterflies / Martha R. Weiss
Pollinator individuality: when does it matter? / James D. Thomson and Lars Chittka
Effects of predation risk on pollinators and plants / Reuven Dukas
Pollinator preference, frequency dependence, and floral evolution / Ann Smithson
Pollinator-mediated assortative mating: causes and consequences / Kristina Niovi Jones
Behavioural responses of pollinators to variation in floral display size and their influences on the evolution of floral traits / Kazuharu Ohashi and Tetsukazu Yahara
The effects of floral design and display on pollinator economics and pollen dispersal / Lawrence D. Harder, Neal M. Williams, Crispin Y. Jordan and William A. Nelson
Pollinator behavior and plant speciation: looking beyond the "ethological isolation" paradigm / Nickolas M. Waser