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How minority students finance their higher education

This digest examines the various financial sources minority students use to meet the costs of higher education, some of which were created with the specific goal of promoting their college attendance. Sources include federal student loans, pre-college programs and grants, college prepaid plans, and student credit cards. Policy recommendations to increase the availability of aid for college attendance, grounded in current policy and data, include increasing the emphasis on grant aid resources at federal, state, and institutional levels to lower dependence on loans for low-income students; increasing work-study programs to help integrate working students into the institution and help them finance their education; reassuring students regarding the availability and timing of student aid; targeting financial aid programs for students whose needs are not met by current federal aid programs; and continuing state support through needs-based grants. (Contains 12 references.) (SM)
Microform, English, [2001]
ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education, New York, NY, [2001]