Front cover image for Carnival of blood : dueling, lynching, and murder in South Carolina, 1880-1920

Carnival of blood : dueling, lynching, and murder in South Carolina, 1880-1920

"Carnival of Blood is a thoroughly researched and often shocking history of changes in homicidal tendencies in South Carolina over four formative decades on the cusp of our modern era. In his investigation into murder and death in the Palmetto State, John Hammond Moore identifies three specific trends that emerged during the period from 1880 to 1920 - the demise of dueling, the rise and fall of lynching, and the proliferation of murder. Moore details specific incidents, ranging from the notorious to the relatively unknown, and questions why more stringent steps were not taken during those decades to curb the mayhem. His findings suggest the answers are far from simple." "Revisiting one of the nation's last formal duels, Moore recounts details of the Cash-Shannon meeting of July 1880 and the ensuing circle of carnage that left nine dead. He explores the circumstances that prompted duels and the reasons for their eventual disappearance."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©2006
University of South Carolina Press, Columbia, ©2006
viii, 250 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
9781570036200, 1570036209
The Cash-Shannon duel
Boggan Cash, outlaw
Background : the origins of lynching
Lynchings galore
The Charleston triangle : editor, governess, doctor
The assassination of N.G. Gonzales
Analyzing murder : facts, figures, fiction
Shoot-outs, western style
The weird, bizarre, and insane
Change in a changeless society