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A tally of types

Stanley Morison (Author), Brooke Crutchley (Editor), Cambridge University Press (Publisher, Printer)
Stanley Morison provided the impetus and judgement behind the programme of typographical revival carried through by the Monotype Corporation in the 1920s and early 1930s. The Tally is an account, historical, critical and functional, of the types cut under Morison's direction during this period.
Print Book, English, 1973
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University Press, Cambridge [England], 1973
137 pages ; 27 cm
9780521200431, 9780521097864, 0521200431, 052109786X
Preface Brooke Crutchley; Introduction Stanley Morison and P. M. Handover; The Tally Stanley Morison; Appendix A. Van Diijck Netty Hoeflake; Appendix B. Ehrhardt Harry Carter; Appendix C. Romulus John Dreyfus; Notes; Index.