Front cover image for Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation : Proceedings of Wivace 2008, Venice, Italy, 8-10 September 2008

Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation : Proceedings of Wivace 2008, Venice, Italy, 8-10 September 2008

The Italian community in Artificial Life and Evolutionary computation has grown remarkably in recent years, and this book is the first broad collection of its major interests and achievements (including contributions from foreign countries). The contributions in Artificial Life as well as in Evolutionary Computation allow one to see the deep connections between the two fields. The topics addressed are extremely relevant for present day research in Artificial Life and in Evolutionary Computation, which include important contributions from very well-known researchers. The volume provides a very broad picture of the Italian activities in this field
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pt. I. Invited papers. Cognitive dynamics in an automata gas / A. Bazzani [and others]. Gene-environment interaction : the importance of omics in understanding the effect of low-dose exposure / A. Colacci [and others]. Diffusion of shapes / R.S. Shaw, N.H. Packard
pt. II. Classification and optimization. Classification of colon tumor tissues using genetic programming / F. Archetti [and others]. FDC-based particle swarm optimization / A. Azzini, S. Cagnoni, L. Vanneschi. A clonal selection algorithm for the automatic synthesis of low-pass filters / P. Conca, G. Nicosia, G. Stracquadanio. An evolutionary predictive approach to design high dimensional experiments / D. De March [and others]. Particle swarm for pattern matching in image analysis / L. Mussi, S. Cagnoni. Admissible method for improved genetic search in cellular automata model (AMMISCA) : a strategy in genetic calibration
preliminary results / R. Umeton, S. Di Gregorio
pt. III. Cognition. Evolving neural word sense disambiguation classifiers with a letter-count distributed encoding / A. Azzini [and others]. Prefrontal cortex and action sequences : a review on neural computational models / I. Gaudiello, M.T. Liuzza, D. Caligiore. A neural-network model of the dynamics of hunger, learning, and action vigor in mice / A. Venditti [and others]. Bio-inspired ICT for evolutionary emotional intelligence / M. Villamira, P. Cipresso. Evolution of high level recursive thinking in a collision avoiding agent model / F. Zanlungo
pt. IV. Robotics. Who is the leader? Dynamic role allocation through communication in a population of homogeneous robots / O. Gigliotta, M. Mirolli, S. Nolfi. Cooperation in corvids : a simulative study with evolved robot / O. Miglino [and others]. Carwin42 : Evolution of artificial intelligence controller and aeromechanical setup in simulated race cars / P. Pinto [and others]
pt. V. Social sciences. Distributed processes in a agent-based model of innovation / L. Ansaloni, M. Villani, D. Lane. Meet, discuss and trust each other : large versus small groups / T. Carletti [and others]. Shaping opinions in a social network / T. Carletti, S. Righi. A cellular automata model for highway traffic with preliminary results / S. Di Gregorio [and others]. Imaginary or actual artificial worlds using a new tool in the ABM perspective / P. Terna
pt. VI. Systems biology and synthetic biology. How critical random Boolean networks may be affected by the interaction with others / C. Damiani, A. Graudenzi, M. Villani. Dynamics of interconnected Boolean networks with scale-free topology / C. Damiani [and others]. A new model of genetic network : the gene protein Boolean network / A. Graudenzi, R. Serra. Continuous network models of gene expression in knock-out experiments : a preliminary study / A. Roli, F. Vernocchi, R. Serra. Synchronization phenomena in internal reaction models of protocells / R. Serra [and others]. Semi-synthetic minimal cells / P. Stano, P.L. Luisi
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