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Three faces of power

Defining power as the ability to get what we want, this volume identifies three major types of power: threat power, which is important in political life; economic power, which derives from the power to produce and exchange goods and depends on the changing distribution of property ownership; and, integrative power, which rests on relationships.
Print Book, English, 1989
Sage, Newbury Park, 1989
264 p. ; 24 cm
9780803935549, 9780803938625, 0803935544, 0803938624
IntroductionThe Nature of PowerPower as a Social StructureThe Objects of PowerThe Pathologies of PowerPersonal Destructive PowerPersonal Economic PowerPersonal Integrative PowerThe Dynamics of Personal PowerOrganizations for DestructionEconomic Power in OrganizationsOrganizations For Integrative PowerThe Dynamics of Organizational PowerPower in Physical and Biological EvolutionPower in Societal EvolutionPower and the Future