Front cover image for Papers of John Dos Passos, 1896-1970

Papers of John Dos Passos, 1896-1970

John Dos Passos, George K. Anderson (Correspondent), Sydney Winfield Angleman (Correspondent), George Arms (Correspondent), Lee Barker (Correspondent), Bernice Baumgarten (Correspondent), William Bentinck-Smith (Correspondent), Carl Bode (Correspondent), Cleanth Brooks (Correspondent), Whit Burnett (Correspondent), Oscar Cargill (Correspondent), Harry J. Carman (Correspondent), Horace Coon (Correspondent), Hubert Creekmore (Correspondent), Edward Dodd (Correspondent), Elizabeth Hamlin Holdridge Dos Passos (Correspondent), Edwin Emery (Correspondent), John T. Frederick (Correspondent), Maxwell Geismar (Correspondent), John K. Hutchens (Correspondent), Oliver Jensen (Correspondent), K. L. Knickerbocker (Correspondent), Robert N. Linscott (Correspondent), Louis Glenn Locke (Correspondent), Russell Lord (Correspondent), Waldo F. McNeir (Correspondent), Frank N. Magill (Correspondent), T. S. Matthews (Correspondent), William M. Murphy (Correspondent), Harold R. Peat (Correspondent), Benfield Pressey (Correspondent), Henry W. Sams (Correspondent), George Sanderlin (Correspondent), Peter Schwed (Correspondent), Caroline Shrodes (Correspondent), Nick Spanos (Correspondent), Graham Watson (Correspondent), John Hall Wheelock (Correspondent), Louis B. Wright (Correspondent), American Book Company (Correspondent), Boni & Gaer, Inc (Correspondent), Brandt & Brandt (Correspondent), Cassell Company, ltd (Correspondent), Charles Scribner's Sons (Correspondent), Curtis Brown Ltd (Correspondent), Dodd, Mead & Company (Correspondent), Doubleday & Company, Inc (Correspondent), Doubleday, Doran & Company (Correspondent), Farrar, Straus, and Company (Correspondent), Ginn and Company (Correspondent)
The collection consists chiefly of correspondence with publishers, lecture organizer Harold R. Peat, inc., and academics
Archival Material, English, 1936