Front cover image for Barrett assorted authors collection 1814-1947

Barrett assorted authors collection 1814-1947

James Truslow Adams (Correspondent), George Ade (Correspondent), Washington Allston (Correspondent), Leonard Bacon (Correspondent), William Johnson Bacon (Correspondent), Isaac Bailey (Correspondent), Henry Carey Baird (Correspondent), S. Baring-Gould (Correspondent), Albert Barnes (Correspondent), Theodric Romeyn Beck (Correspondent), Lyman Beecher (Correspondent), J. D. Bell (Correspondent), William Rose Benét (Correspondent), Robert Bonner (Correspondent), Henry Chandler Bowen (Correspondent), James Brooks (Correspondent), George Washington Bungay (Correspondent), Thornton W. Burgess (Correspondent), John Burroughs (Correspondent), George Washington Cable (Correspondent), Henry Charles Carey (Correspondent), William Ellery Channing (Correspondent), Francis James Child (Correspondent), George William Childs (Correspondent), Alexander Robert Chisolm (Correspondent), William Conant Church (Correspondent), Edward Daniel Clarke (Correspondent), Richard Coe (Correspondent), Joseph Green Cogswell (Correspondent), Samuel Stillman Conant (Correspondent), Charles T. Congdon (Correspondent), M. F. Conway (Correspondent), Moncure Daniel Conway (Correspondent), Joseph Cook (Correspondent), David G. Croly (Correspondent), J. C. Croly (Correspondent), F. Nicholls Crouch (Correspondent), George Ticknor Curtis (Correspondent), George William Curtis (Correspondent), Frederic Dannay (Correspondent), Francis Warrington Dawson (Correspondent), Joseph Delaplaine (Correspondent), Eugene Lemoine Didier (Correspondent), Mary Abigail Dodge (Correspondent), Ignatius Donnelly (Correspondent), Arthur Conan Doyle (Correspondent), Ralph Waldo Emerson (Correspondent), Thomas Addis Emmet (Correspondent), Jeremiah Evarts (Correspondent)
The collection contains manuscripts of The broken battalions by Paul Hamilton Hayne, The flower of Liberty by Oliver W. Holmes, and The need of two loaves by Nathaniel Parker Willis, as well as a printed pamphlet What Mr. Jenkins thinks by Heman Lincoln Wayland
Archival Material, English, 1814
144 items
Forms part of the Clifton Waller Barrett Library
134 authors, chiefly American