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Creative music education : a handbook for the modern music teacher

eBook, English, ©1976
Schirmer Books, New York, ©1976
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I : The Composer in the Classroom : Getting Acquainted. What Is Music? Descriptive Music. Textures of Sound. Music and Conversation. Mask of the Evil Demon. II : Ear Cleaning : Noise. Silence. Tone. Timbre. Amplitude. Melody. Texture. Rhythm. The Musical Soundscape. Charles Ives and Perspective. Music for Paper and Wood. Four Postscripts. III : The New Soundscape : Yes, But is It Music? The Sonic Environment. Concerning Silence. A New Definition of Noise. Sound Sewage: A Collage. Three Thresholds of the Audible and Beyond the Audible. The Music of the Spheres. Schizophonia. The Sound Object. The New Soundscape. IV : When Words Sing : Voiceprint. Melisma. Nature Concert Thunder-Word. The Biography of the Alphabet. One of the Bearable. Onomatopoeia. Vowels. The Psychographic Curve of the Word's Soul. Pianissimo Secrets. Sound Poem. Words and Music. Choros. Choric Textures. Haiku. Sight Singing. Moonlight. Appendix: Texts Without Comment. V : The Rhinoceros in the Classroom : Introduction. A Statement on Music Education. Another Statement on Music Education. A Note on Notation. The Music Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library