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The Apostolic Fathers

Kirsopp Lake (Translator)
APOSTOLIC FATHERS I. 1. 'CLEMENTE' The two letters to the Corinthians are of uncertain authorship. The first is traditionally ascribed to the Clement who was Bishop of Rome late in the first century; the second is perhaps a sermon certainly by a different author, and perhaps belongs to the middle of the second century. 2. IGNATIUS became Bishop of Antioch ('second successor of Peter' therein), author of extant letters (to churches on his last journey to Rome, under sentence of death, to fight beasts in the amphitheatre) known in three 'recensions' of which we give the 'Vossian' to the Ephesians, Magnesians, Trallians, Romans, Philadelphians, and Smyraeans, and to Polycarp. 3. POLYCARP c.69-c.155, may have known apostles and others who had seen Jesus. Became Bishop of Smyrna. Welcomed Ignatius on the latter's journey to Rome to suffer martyrdom. Went to Rome as an old man to visit Bishop Anicetus. Soon after his return, was martyred at Smyrna in a persecution. 4. THE 'DIDACHE' (Teaching) is a book of moral precepts and of precepts for church life. 5 THE EPISTLE OF BARNABAS (apocryphal), known from the Codex Sinaiticus in an appendix and from other sources was addressed to one or more churches in Egypt
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Christian literature, Early Greek authors
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I.I Clement. II Clement. Ignatius. Polycarp. Didache. Barnabas
II. The Shepherd of Hermas. The martyrdom of Polycarp. The epistle to Diognetus
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