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Fieldiana: Anthropology

ejournal, eMagazine, English, 1895
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, 1895
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0071-4739, 0071-4739
(Cont'd.) v. 5. Dorsey, G.A. Traditions of the Arapaho
v. 6, no. 1. Voth, H.R. The Oráibi Oáqöl ceremony. no. 2. Voth, H.R. Oraibi natal customs and ceremonies. no. 3. Voth, H.R. Hopi proper names. no. 4. Tarbell, F.B. Three Etruscan painted sarcophagi. no. 5. Moorehead, W.K. The Hopewell mound group of Ohio
v. 7, no. 1. Dorsey, G.A. Traditions of the Osage. no. 2. Dorsey, G.A. The Ponca sun dance. no. 3. Tarbell, F.B. Catalogue of bronzes, etc., in Field museum of natural history reproduced from originals in the National museum of Naples. no. 4. De Cou, H.F. Antiquities from Boscoreale in Field museum of natural history
v. 8. Voth, H.R. The traditions of the Hopi
v. 9. Dorsey, G.A. The Cheyenne
v. 10. Laufer, B. Jade; a study in Chinese archaeology and religion. (Cont'd.) v. 11, no. 1. Voth, H.R. The Oraibi Marau ceremony. no. 2. Voth, H.R. Brief miscellaneous Hopi papers
v. 12, no. 1. Cole, F.C. Chinese pottery in the Philippines. no. 2. Cole, F.C. The wild tribes of Davao district, Mindanao
v. 13, no. 1. Laufer, B. Notes on turquois in the East. no. 2. Laufer, B. Chinese clay figures. pt. 1
v. 14, no. 1. Cole, F.C. Traditions of the Tinguian; a study in Philippine folklore. no. 2. Cole, F.C. The Tinguian; social, religious, and economic life of a Philippine tribe. (Cont'd.) v. 17, no. 1. Thompson, J.E.A correlation of the Mayan and European calendars. no. 2. Thompson, J.E.S. Ethnology of the Mayas of southern and central British Honduras. no. 3. Thompson, J.E.S. Archaeological investigations in the southern Cayo district, British Honduras
v. 35. Collier, D. Survey and excavations in southern Ecuador
v. 43. Collier, D. Cultural chronology and change as reflected in the ceramics of the Viru Valley, Peru
Vols. 1-6, no. 1-3, v. 7, no. 1-2, v. 8,9 issued as Publication of the Field Columbian Museum v. 6, no. 4-5, v. 7, no. 3, v. 10-35; v. as Publication of the Field Museum of Natural History; v. 36- as Publication of the Chicago Natural History Museum
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