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The Routledge handbook of Japanese politics

This is an advanced level reference guide which surveys the current state of Japanese politics, featuring both traditional topics and cutting edge research. The text is divided into five sections covering domestic politics, civil society, social policy, political economy and international relations/security
Print Book, English, 2011
Routledge, London, 2011
xvi, 443 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
9780415551373, 9780203829875, 0415551374, 0203829875
The institutional landscape of Japanese politics / Alisa Gaunder
The Liberal Democratic Party: an explanation of its successes and failures / Steven R. Reed
The Democratic Party of Japan: development, organization and programmatic profile / Patrick Koellner
The rationale for coalition government / J.A.A. Stockwin
Prime ministerial leadership / Tomohito Shinoda
Election systems and campaign rules / Ray Christensen
Money in Japanese politics: regulation and reform / Matthew Carlson
The influence of voters / Sherry L. Martin
Democratizing the law in Japan / Jonathan David Marshall
Local government in Japan / Jun Saito and Kyohei Yamada
State and civil society in Japan / Yuko Kawato, Robert J. Pekkanen and Hidehiro Yamamoto
The Japanese conception of citizenship / Yumiko Mikanagi
Volunteer organizations (re)making democracy in Japan / Mary Alice Haddad
Civil society and the internet / Isa Ducke
The labor movement / Lonny E. Carlile
The women's movements / Ki-young Shin
The rise (and fall?) of social equality: the evolution of Japan's welfare state / Gregory J. Kasza
Policies for an aging/low fertility society / Leonard Schoppa
Gender-related social policy / Hiroko Takeda
Japanese immigration policy / Ken Haig
Japan's environmental politics and change: local, national and global / Peng Er Lam
The evolution of the Japanese policymaking system / Gregory W. Noble
The politics of economic reform / Aurelia George Mulgan
The politics of scarcity: fixing Japan's public finances / Gene Park
The politics and implications of postal reform / Patricia L. Maclachlan
Japan and East Asian economic regionalism / Mireya Solís
The haunt of history in Japan's foreign relations / Jennifer Lind
The politics of national security / Andrew L. Oros
Japan-U.S. relations / Michael J. Green and Nicholas Szechenyi
Japan-China relations: structure or management? / Ming Wan
Drifting apart? Japan-EU relations / Julie Gilson
The other Rashomon story: international norms and continuing constructions of Japaneseness / David Leheny