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Cognitive systems

Design of cognitive systems for assistance to people poses a major challenge to the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. The Cognitive Systems for Cognitive Assistance (CoSy) project was organized to address the issues of i) theoretical progress on design of cognitive systems ii) methods for implementation of systems and iii) empirical studies to further understand the use and interaction with such systems. To study, design and deploy cognitive systems there is a need to considers aspects of systems design, embodiment, perception, planning and error recovery, spatial insertion, knowledge acquisition and machine learning, dialog design and human robot interaction and systems integration. The CoSy project addressed all of these aspects over a period of four years and across two different domains of application - exploration of space and task / knowledge acquisition for manipulation. The present volume documents the results of the CoSy project. The CoSy project was funded by the European Commission as part of the Cognitive Systems Program within the 6th Framework Program
eBook, English, 2010
Springer, Berlin, 2010
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Part I Introduction
1 Cognitive Systems Introduction
Part II Component Science
2 Architecture and Representations
3 The Sensorimotor Approach in CoSy: The Example of Dimensionality Reduction
4 Categorical Perception
5 Semantic Modelling of Space
6 Planning and Failure Detection
7 Multi-modal Learning
8 Situated Dialogue Processing for Human-Robot Interaction
Part III Integration and Systems
9 The PlayMate System
10 The Explorer System
11 Lessons Learnt from Scenario-Based Integration
Part IV Summary & Outlook
12 Cross-Disciplinary Reflections: Philosophical Robotics
13 Lessons and Outlook