Front cover image for The frugal librarian : thriving in tough economic times

The frugal librarian : thriving in tough economic times

"The boundless energy and creative spirit of the librarians writing in this book will inspire others in the field to make more of their limited resources."-- Melissa J. Clapp, MA, MS, Instruction and Outreach Librarian, University of Florida
Print Book, English, 2011
American Library Association, Chicago, 2011
Case studies
xi, 277 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780838910757, 0838910750
pt. 1. Helping patrons job search. Knowledge-based job hunting and interview preparation / Michael A. Germano ; Start your job search here / Jason Kuhl
pt. 2. Librarian survival. Entrepreneurs in the library : how an entrepreneurial spirit expanded the patron base and elevated its political standing / James Lund ; Laid off? : here's one way to land on your feet / J. James Mancuso ; Low- and no-cost development opportunities for librarians / Colleen S. Harris ; Online resources in Michigan : a school librarian survives hard times / Margaret Lincoln
pt. 3. Grants. Grant proposals for the working librarian : from idea to implementation / Lois Stickell and Lisa Nickel ; Tools for grant searching / Victoria Lynn Packard ; Writing grant proposals for diverse populations / Vandella Brown
pt. 4. Programming. Creating and sustaining community-focused programs / Wayne Finley and Joanna Kluever ; Nothing to lose : creative programming for the frugal librarian / Lisa A. Forrest
pt. 5. Sharing. Increasing resources in tough times : a new funding model for the Purdue University career Wiki / George Bergstrom and May Dugan ; Innovating and saving with joint-use libraries / Emily Dill ; Multitype regional library responses to the economic crisis / Tom Taylor ; Museum passes : a low-cost, high-impact partnership / Rebecca Tuck and Lisa Fraser ; Saving by sharing : using open-source and shared catalogs to do more with less / John Helling
pt. 6. Management. Bringing the outside back in : creative and cost-effective outreach strategies / Kacy Vega and Kim Becnel ; Cost factors in digital projects : a model useful in other applications / Lisa L. Crane ; Data-driven cancellation decisions / Leslie Farison ; Green information technology saves money, saves resources / Sarah Passonneau ; Managing staff stress during budget crises : lessons for library managers / Colleen S. Harris and Mary Chimato ; Student assistants : maximize effectiveness through coordinated training / Ken Johnson and Sue Hisle
pt. 7. On-the-job success. Bidding service contracts in public libraries / Tom Cooper ; Digital projects on a shoestring / Emily Asch ; Developing partnerships for added value / Aline Soules and Sarah Nielson ; Organizing in the streets and in the stacks : a grassroots movement saves neighborhood libraries / Edgar C. Bailey Jr. ; Turning gifts and discards into gold / Robert Holley ; A small school library meets the economic challenge / Colleen Driscoll
pt. 8. Staffing. Leveraging internal resources to fill library staff shortages temporarily / Marwin Britto ; Making good by making do : using student staff to drive library technology innovation / Gwen Evans ; Tiered staffing for technical services / Mary S. Laskowski and Fang Huang Gao ; We're all in this together : solutions for creative staffing / Heidi Blackburn and Erin Davis
pt. 9. Professional development. Building sustainable professional development opportunities in technology literacy / Marwin Britto ; $40 a day, or attending library conferences on the cheap / Regina Koury