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Timetable Planning & Information Quality

The book comprises a number of research papers presented at several Computers in Railways Conferences. It has been compiled by Ingo A. Hansen, President of the International Association of Railway Operations Research (IAROR) and contains selected papers originating from different countries, such as Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. The papers give an overview of the current state-of-the-art analytical approaches, methods and simulation tools for the modelling and analysis of network timetables, the distribution of train delays and real-time rescheduli
eBook, English, 2010
Conference papers and proceedings
1 online resource (225 pages)
9781845645014, 1845645014
Cover; Timetable Planning and Information Quality; Copyright Page; Contents; Preface; Part A. Timetabling; RailML a standard data interface for railroad applications; Timetable stability
using simulation to ensure quality in a regular interval timetable; Crystal diagram: a technique for making high-density diagrams; State-of-the-art of railway operations research; A Decision Support System for railway timetabling (MOM): the Spanish case; Method and software tool for an optimized passenger orientated connection management. Applying multiscaling analysis to detect capacity resources in railway networksPart B. Operations Analysis; Simulation of disturbances and modelling of expected train passenger delays; Evaluating stochastic train process time distribution models on the basis of empirical detection data; Development of a dwell time calculation model for timetable planning; Evaluation of punctuality on a heavily utilised railway line with mixed traffic; Automated analysis of train event reco