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Hugh Blair (Author)
Print Book, English, 1822
Second complete American edition View all formats and editions
Hickman & Hazzard, Philadelphia, 1822
2 volumes : front (portrait) ; 23 cm.
volume 2. On moderation
On the joy and bitterness of the heart
On character of imperfect goodness
On the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, as a preparation for death
On the use and abuse of the world
On extremes in religious and moral conduct
On scoffing at religion
On the creation of the world
On the dissolution of the world
On the causes of men's being weary of life
On charity as the end of the commandment
On our lives being in the hand of God
On the mixture of bad men with the good in human society
On the relief which the Gospel afford to the distressed
on the luxury and licentiousness - On the presence of God in a future state
On the curiosity concerning the affairs of others
On our present ignorance of the ways of God
On the slavery of vice
On the importance of public worship
On the fashion of the world passing away
On the tranquility of mind
On the misfortunes of men being chargeable on themselves
On the integrity as the guide of life
On the submission to the divine will
On Friendship
On the conduct to be held with regard to future events
On following the multitude to do evil
On the wisdom of God
On compassion and beneficence of the deity
On hops and disappointments
On the proper disposition of the heart towards God
On the moral character of Christ
On wounds of the heart
On all things working together for good to the righteous
On the love of our country
On a contented mind
On drawing near to God
On wisdom in religious conduct
On the immorality of the soul, and a future state
On overcoming evil with good
On a life of dissipation and pleasure
On the conscience void of offence
On ascension of Christ
On a peaceable disposition
On religious joy, as giving strength and support to virtue
On the folly of the wisdom of the world
On the government of human affairs by providence
On prayer
On the Last Judgement