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The Canada lancet and practitioner. ..

Print Book, English, 1893-
illustrations 24-26 cm
Caption title: vol. 3-6, 44- have no t.p. or index
Title varies: July 1893-June 1895. The Dominion medical monthly, vol. 1-4. July 1895-June 1921, Dominion medical monthly and Ontario medical journal, vol. 5-56. Jan.-June 1922. National hygiene and public welfare, incorporating the Dominion medical monthly, vol. 58. July 1922-Dec. 1924. The Canada lancet and national hygiene, incorporating the Dominion medical monthly. The Canada lancet vol. 56, no. 11-vol. 60, no. 1
In July 1895 the Dominion medical monthly absorbed the Ontario medical journal; title changed Jan. 1922 to National hygiene and public welfare; in July 1922 this journal took over the Canada lancet changing its title to the Canada lancet and national hygiene. In Jan. 1925, absorbed the Canadian practitioner