Front cover image for 西賀茂検地帳, 天正14 [1586]-宝永3 [1706]

西賀茂検地帳, 天正14 [1586]-宝永3 [1706]

Manuscript, in an unidentified hand. The original manuscript dated 天正14 [1586], 天正17 [1589], and 宝永3 [1706]
Archival Material, Japanese, 1586
2 scrolls ; 28 cm
"Original records of the cadastral surveys of West Kamo made by order of Hideyoshi, in 1586 and in 1589. Foreword added by one Ujitomo in 1706. Original manuscripts." (K. Asakawa. "Gifts of the Yale Association of Japan," 1945)
Yale Association of Japan Collection original call number: Ac7
Scroll 1: 27.1 x 250.0 cm, scroll 2: 27.1 x 311.8 cm. Two scrolls in a wooden box
In Japanese