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Geology of Illinois

Dennis R. Kolata (Editor), Cheryl Nimz (Editor)
"Geology of Illinois has been compiled from more than a century of earth science investigations in Illinois. For the first time, this information has been summarized and made accessible in one volume to help both geologists and non-geologists better understand how the state's mostly unseen geology affects, and is affected by, life on the surface. More than 200 color photographs, maps, and drawings illustrate the text. Topics include : the history of geological investigations in Illinois; the impact of the state's tectonic and structural history; the properties and classification of its rocks and sediments; the rich heritage of its land, water, and mineral resources; the threats from its geological hazards; and the application of geological information to societal issues." From publisher's description
Print Book, English, 2010
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability, Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, Ill., 2010
xiv, 530 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps, charts, photographs (some color) ; 29 cm
9780615417394, 0615417396
Perspectives on Illinois geology / William W. Shilts
1. History of investigations on Illinois geology / Morris W. Leighton
2. Overview of Illinois geology / Dennis R. Kolata
Tectonics and structural geology of Illinois / Dennis R. Kolata
3. Tectonic history / Dennis R. Kolata and W. John Nelson
4. Structural features / W. John Nelson
5. Neotectonics / W. John Nelson and John H. McBride
Geological history and the stratigraphic record of Illinois / Dennis R. Kolata
6. The Precambrian crust / John H. McBride [and others]
7. Cambrian and Ordovician systems (Sauk sequence and Tippecanoe I subsequence) / Dennis R. Kolata
8. Silurian system and lower Devonian series (Tippecanoe II subsequence) / Donald G. Mikulic, Joanne Kluessendorf, and Rodney D. Norby
9. Middle Devonian series through Mississippian system (Kaskaskia sequence) / Josepha A. Devera, W. John Nelson, and Rodney D. Norby
10. Pennsylvanian subsystem and Permian system (Absaroka sequence) / W. John Nelson and Russell J. Jacobson
11. Mesozoic and tertiary eras / W. John Nelson
12. Quaternary period / Ardith K. Hansel and E. Donald McKay III
13. Quaternary paleoclimate / B. Brandon Curry [and others]
Mineral resources of Illinois / Subhash B. Bhagwat
14. Coal / W. John Nelson [and others]
15. Oil and gas geology / Byran G. Huff and Beverly Seyler
16. Lead, zinc, and fluorite mining / Zakaria Lasemi
17. Industrial minerals / Zakaria Lasemi [and others]
Groundwater resources of Illinois / Beverly L. Herzog
18. Aquifers / David R. Larson and Beverly L. Herzog
19. Geological influences on groundwater quality / Samuel V. Panno and Keith C. Hackley
20. Protecting groundwater resources from contamination / Richard C. Berg
21. Wetlands geology / James J. Miner and Michael V. Miller
Geographical applications: land use and environmental hazards in Illinois / Beverly L. Herzog
22. Soils / Michael L. Barnhardt
23. Geological factors in siting and design of facilities and infrastructure / Robert A. Bauer, Wen-June Su, and Nelson Kawamura
24. Geological perspectives on flooding / Michael J. Chrzastowski and Richard C. Berg
25. The Illinois coast of Lake Michigan / Michael J. Chrzastowski
26. Natural radiation / Richard A. Cahill
27. Earthquakes / Timothy H. Larson and Robert A. Bauer
28. Kart Terrane / Samuel V. Panno and C. Pius Weibel
29. Pollution of groundwater and surface water / Samuel V. Panno, Richard C. Berg, and Walton R. Kelly
30. Surface mine reclamation / Timothy J. Kemmis, Robert A. Bauer, and Zakaria Lasemi
Appendix I : Explanation of lithologic symbols
Appendix II : Illinois counties and selected cities
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